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Ode to A Dead Thing

Marvin wanted to end it all! He pitched himself into the river with a rock to weigh him down...but once again, Marvin was not a success! He emerged from the river, but he was no longer Marvin! He was no longer even human! Corrosive chemicals had transformed the meek-ling into a muck-encrusted golem with the strength of ten!

MS. Liberty

In the shattered ruins of Post-Apocalypse America, one woman has not forgotten the life and the love she had before! She seeks her husband, hoping that they can rebuild at least a shadow of their former lives! But the world is swarming with grotesque radiation-crazed cannibals, and they know nothing of the forgotten word love!


He was a Soldier of Fortune who would fight for any man or nation who could meet his fee! He was totally without scruple of conscience, equally at home killing or loving! Such a man is deadly, but such a man can also find himself up the creek if , as in this small but dangerous Nation, everyone else shares his depraved and duplicitous code!


He awoke from his sleep across the Millenia to find the Universe an ever more dangerous place that it had been in his time, and man a much-changed being! Deadly alien spores had grown to meteorite proportions and were preying on the panicked populace while a chosen flew fled in fragile spaceships...leaving the rest to die!


While Haggarth was otherwise engaged, the tall, powerfully built Amazon slipped down off her lizard mount and crept up slowly behind the warrior, fully intending to kill him! But Haggarth was not an easy man to overcome...especially twice! This formidable she-warrior with the pet bird of prey would be taught a serious lesson!







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