Eerie #128

    Eerie » Eerie #128 released by Warren on January 1982.

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    DR. Coven

    Through the bleary haze of the drug he'd been slipped, Dr. Coven watched the shredded corpses rise from the swamp's muck and join the hag at the altar, surrounding his helpless, doomed wife!

    Demon Queen

    Everywhere he looked...demons! Demon cabdrivers, mailmen, waitresses...demon that taunted him, reached for him in the darkness, and beckoned him to join them in eternal damnation!

    Zud Kamish

    The Deep Space Desperadoes wanted Zud Kamish dead! They'd tried to snuff him a dozen times, with no success! But tonight Kamish is playing nursemaid to his milktoast son...weaponless!


    The Huntress was forced to take hostages to ensure her own freedom! Secretly, she knew she would never harm innocent people...but her pursuers would be happy to kill them all to take her!


    He'd gone down in flaming glory in Viet Nam, but death, he found, was temporary! He rose from his grave, rotting the putrescent, to lead an army of the dead against the hated world of the living!


    At the Amazon's spoken command, the eagle soared to the skies, arced, and then swooped to earth, its talons bared, its beak a thrusting point...aimed at the heart of the warrior Haggarth!



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