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Dear Cousin Eerie

Centenary! Welcome to our 100th issue! The controversy over the physics in the "Einstein Factor" Still rages. Submissions came from near and far and all in all your cousin in crime is pleased!

The Rook: City of Gold

In this 30 page Rook special the Rook goes off to find the legendary underground city of gold in China. While the Rook is being tortured in China, an alien crash lands on present day Earth!

The Comic Books

Brancatelli reports on the latest price trends in the hot comics field. Is the market being manipulated? Is the mafia laundering drug profits in comic investments? And why is Wall Street interested?

Warren Awards

It's time again for our annual awards for best cover, insider art and script. It sure was tough to decide because we had our best year ever as our writers and artists outdid themselves with super work!


Earth enslaved! Aliens land and destroy the Earth. The dissipated remnants wander diseased and disabled among the rubble. In the ruins of once mighty cities alien shapes rise starkly in the sky!

Horizon Seekers

An enigmatic planet wide disaster decimated Earth's population and deprived them of their memory of it. As if waking from a bad dream, mankind tries to recreate life to a half remembered pattern!

Darklon: Duel

Like father like son! Two people so close and yet so far apart! Damning their differences and unable to see their similarities, they lie comatose, in telepathic union and seek to duel to the death!



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none of this issue.

Story Arcs

none of this issue.

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