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    Character » Eel (Lavell) appears in 98 issues.

    Edward Lavell took the mantle of the Eel from the deceased Leopold Stryke, and has upgraded his armor and technology to enhance his criminal lifestyle.

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    Edward Lavell took the mantle of the Eel from the deceased Leopold Stryke, and has upgraded his armor and technology to become more formidable in confrontations with superheroes. Lavel has demonstrated considerable aptitude with technology, but seems to prefer working as an enforcer for other criminals, such as the Maggia. Lavell is a contortionist, and once impersonated Snake Marston of the Enforcers.

    Major Story Arcs

    Acts of Vengeance

    Eel would be one of many super-powered criminals that attack the Fantastic Four during the Acts of Vengeance. Eel disguises himself in a trench coat and hat as members of the Fantastic Four testify in front of Congress. Eel, Thunderball, Mad Dog and Vanisher remove their coats and attack the Fantastic Four. Eel is tackled by Johnny Storm but he quickly recovers and begins to shock him. Eel is taken out when Mr. Fantastic sprays him with a fire hose and short circuits his suit. The rest of the villains are easily defeated and Eel is taken into custody by the police.


    Mob lawyer Caesar Cicero wanted more power in order to advance in the Maggia so he hired the Eel and his frequent partner, Man Mountain Marko, to steal the ancient Lifeline Tablet as it was being displayed at a New York museum. Peter Parker was in attendance because he was taking photos for the Daily Bugle when Marko stole the Lifeline Tablet. Parker changed into Spider-Man and gave chase but the Eel managed to elude capture and successfully bring the tablet to his boss, Cicero inside his estate on Long Island. Suddenly the roof collapsed onto Marko when the mercenary Boomerang became involved and snatched the tablet away from Cicero. The Eel attacked, but was stuck to the wall by the mercenary's "glueme-rang." Boomerang brought the tablet to the man who hired him, revealed to be Maggia family leade, Hammerhead. The next morning, Spider-Man surveyed Cicero's estate when he saw the Eel enter his car after he told his boss that he regain the tablet fragments. Spider-Man placed a tracer on the car, which led to Hammerhead's Brooklyn base of operations. The Eel eluded security cameras as he scaled his way to the roof where he took out several henchmen. Spider-Man appeared and webbed the Eel's feet to the rooftop and knocked him out with one punch.

    Civil War

    Eel agrees to register under the Superhuman Registration Act and becomes a member of the Thunderbolts instead of facing jail time. The Thunderbolts had to fight off cities filled with civilians who were suddenly empowered when the Grandmaster opened up the Wellspring of Power. The Thunderbolts army were broken up into numerous squads and sent to various locations throughout the world. The Chicago based squad consisted of Eel, Porcupine, Whirlwind, Doctor Octopus, X-Ray, Unicorn, Quicksand and Boomerang which was responsible of maintaining order in the Windy City.

    Powers and Abilities

    Lavell uses Jordan Stryke's original Eel battlesuit. Lavell later modified the costume to create an electrical field which allowed him to anticipate an opponent's moves and elude them more easily.


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