Eega Beeva

    Character » Eega Beeva appears in 346 issues.

    Mickey's human/alien friend from the future.

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    Pittisborum Psercy Pystachi Pseter Psersimmon Plummer-Push, or as he's more commonly known; Eega Beeva is a time-traveling human from the year 2447 introduced to Mickey Mouse in 1947. This was later reconnected to him being of alien origin.

    He replaced Goofy as Mickey's partner in adventuring from 1947 to 1950. Then the comic strip dropped longer tales in favor of daily gags. The comic books of the time featured Goofy as Mickey's partner and were not about to switch. Eega Beeva has thus been used frequently since the 1950s but seldom in co-starring roles.

    Eega Beeva eats naphthalene in order to sustain himself. Eega is a talented scientist and inventor. He wears a pair of black trousers, which apparently have unlimited storage space since Eega can produce a seemingly infinite number of items and gadgets from the pockets. He supposedly has precognitive abilities but other stories point to these "future events" being historic ones from his point of view.

    He also has an odd way of talking, adding the letter p to the beginning of all words that starts with a consonant.


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