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    The Mad Free Hacker Of Cowboy Bebop

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    Edward grew up in an orphanage where she named herself Edward Wong Hay Pepelu Tivusky IV, She gave herself the name of Radical Edward when she was hacking! Edward is a very free girl who appears to have A.D.D (Attention Deficit Disorder), At the age of 13 she manages to hack Bebop a bounty hunters ship. The bounty hunter in question is Spike Spiegel and Jet black, along with Faye. Edward likes to play games and is often easily distracted and constantly on the move. Edward would rather run, skip, roll then walk anywhere. A lot of people think that Edward is the comic relief to take away from the darker side of the show. Ed seems to be the only character chasing her past rather then running from it like the others, She is looking for her father who she knows will return one day.

    Appledelhi Siniz Hesap Lütfen (Her Father) is a cartographer for the planet she was born on and left her at the orphanage with every intention of coming back, but went missing. Jet now acts as her surrogate father and the team often turns to her in times of computer needs .While in the orphanage Ed was friends with a you boy, known only as tomato, who it is believed turned her to the world of computers behind all of her crazy actions Ed is one of the smartest people in the series easily hacking while watching tv shows or playing games. it is almost as if her mind runs faster then that of those around her. She is also very flexible and walks around on her arms for hours on end using her feet to do task that her hands where meant to do. During episode 17 Mushroom Samba we she how she more animal like then originally thought, while fighting she bites and leaps much like an animal and hates wearing shoe's which she takes off moments after putting them on.

    Ed's equipment is state of the art and often updated by herself, if she needs to carry her laptop it is often found balancing on her head as she walks around, the goggles she wears can actually connected the computer and allow her to move by thought around in the computer world. In this world she can do almost anything and is seen driving and shooting a type of water gun to break down firewalls. But it is not only a strong bond with Jet but with the highly intelligent dog named Ein, who Edward seem to be the only one who can understand the dog and it's behavior.

    Later in the series Ed finds her father and it turns out Ed's real name is in fact Françoise Appledehli. Edward decides to stay with the bebop crew and her father goes back to work.


    Ed wears a very loose sleeveless shirt and very tight violet bicycle shorts. She wears a pair of large green goggles around her neck or on her head that act as a virtual reality accessory for computers


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