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  • Name: Edward.
  • DOB: Unknown.
  • Hair Colour: Blonde.
  • Eye Colour: Blue.
  • Height: Five foot, eight inches.
  • Occupation: Hitman.


'Edward' was trained by a specialist by the name of 'Van Cleef', not much is known about his childhood or his earlier years. He wasn't always the cold blooded murderer that Anita knows, Anita maybe one of the few people alive who has glimpsed at the real 'Edward' and found something beneath the mask. He is a consummate actor, he can dress and act well enough to blend into any situation or area. The only thing that gives him away are his eyes.

"You can dress him up as Prince Charming on a Disney float, but as long as you can see those eyes you know what's underneath."
Quote from Obsidian Butterfly


'Edward' has been known to use many different kinds of weaponry, from sidearms, flame throwers, grenades, rocket launchers, throwing knives, swords and machete, shurikens and throwing darts, shotguns and sub automatic machine guns.

It is assumed that most of this 'training' came from his time spent with 'Van Cleef', the only other characters that have met 'Van Cleef' (Olaf and Bernado) have exhibited the same amount of training... Though neither of them have the same amount of kills to their names as 'Edward' does. The Vampires and Shapeshifters call him Death, in assassin circles he is known as 'The Undertaker'. He also has a legal bounty hunter ID as 'Ted 'Theodore' Forrester' and currently lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with his Fiance, Donna Parnell and her two daughters (Peter and Becca)

"I shut the door behind me and locked it, though truthfully with Edward inside I might have been safer locking myself out rather than in. He was not an imposing man, not frightening, if you didn't know him. He was five-eight, slender, blond, blue-eyed, charming. But if I was The Executioner, he was Death itself."
Quote from Guilty Pleasures

The Man

'Edward' is a true sociopath, or as close to one as you can get. He doesn't abide by societies rules, nor does he feel the need to explain himself, or his behaviour to anyone else.The first time we meet 'Edward' is in the series 'Guilty Pleasures' where it is said that previously Anita and 'Edward' took out a nest of vampires using flame throwers and holy water.

"I ran into a vampire you might know."
He raised his yellow eyebrows and made a silent "Oh" with his lips.
"Remember the house you nearly roasted down around us?"
"About two years ago. We killed six vampires, and two human servants."
I walked past him and flopped onto the couch. "We missed one."
"No, we didn't." His voice was very precise. Edward at his most dangerous.

'Edward' will use any method he needs to to achieve his goals, whether that be bribery, torture, killing or sex. He is willing to do anything, even dress up and act like a 'Vampire Freak' at a 'Freak' party to get information. His reputation has spread throughout the preternatural community and most, if not all creatures fear him. He has stated several times that there is no creature on this planet he fears, and he believes no preternatural creature is immortal.

He may fear no creature, but there is something 'Edward' fears, life. During the book 'Obsidian Butterfly', Edward calls on Anita for a favor. Something is killing locals in 'Ted's' hometown, and he doesn't know what.The creature is skinning people alive and tearing the reproductive organs off the survivors. 'Edward' doesn't fear this creature, believing it to be just another vampire, maybe a master vampire, but still just another vampire. What he does fear is being turned into a monster himself. He knows that one day his time will be up, one day he won't be as quick, or someone will be quicker. In that eventuality he called on Anita to help him out.

'Edward' believes Anita to be his Soul Mate, to be the missing half to his soul. They may never be lovers, but there is a very good chance that one of they're faces will be the last thing the other see's before the end.

'Edward's' greatest fantasy is to draw down against Anita in a fair fight, to finally know who was better, him or her.


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