Edward Grey

    Character » Edward Grey appears in 88 issues.

    A paranormal investigator for Queen Victoria.

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    Sir Edward Grey was born the son of a country game warden on the estate of an English lord in the nineteenth century. When Edward was young a series of strange killings plagued the estate. Eventually, a great wolf was killed and blamed for the murders. Edward doubted this and began his own investigation. While he was investigation an old crypt, he was attacked by the real monster: a werewolf. In self-defense, he killed the monster but was wounded. The werewolf turned out to be the lord’s son.

    Edward expected to be punished for the death of the lord’s son, but instead, the lord nursed him back to health. He also provided for his education. Edward would continue to investigate the occult as he got older. He became a knight and an agent of the crown when he prevented the assassination of Queen Victoria by witchcraft.

    Rumor has it, he and Queen Victoria had a falling out over her decision to keep the identity of Jack the Ripper a secret. Eventually, Grey moved to America and disappeared in Chicago in 1916.


    Sir Edward Grey was created by Mike Mignola.


    Edward has a great knowledge of the occult and various supernatural creatures. This comes from a life long study. He also is very skilled with guns.


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