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Eduardo Giotti was an engineering student at M.I.T., a student that was at the top of his class, along with four other students of note. These five youths, known on campus as the Troubleshooters, were notorious techno-pranksters, and were good friends with their main engineering instructor, Jenny Swensen. Of course, Giotti liked Jenny more than the others; in fact, he had a crush on her.

As such, when her father was killed, and she had to break into Krotze International to get proof that his death wasn't accidental, Giotti was the first Troubleshooter to offer his aid to the beleaguered instructor. The others eventually went along with the plan, and helped Jenny to get inside, where she and her students discovered her father's greatest work: the Mark 2 M.A.X. armor!

In order to prove that Krotze was a bad man, Jenny took the armor and the mobile lab it was built in, though Krotze launched several aborted attempts to retrieve both. During this time, Giotti and the other Troubleshooters were breaking down the M.A.X. technology, and Giotti managed to build the first derivative suit from it: the Strong-Arms partial exoskeleton.

Giotti used this thing in order to help deflect Krotze's tech retrieval scheme, though he did get beat up several times in the process. Further, after the other Troubleshooters (save for Eric) also built up M.A.X. suits, they managed to deflect an assassination attempt against the visiting English Prime Minister. Of course, this caused them some hardship down the road.

You see, the Steel Hawk, that assassin whose plan they foiled, was kinda ticked off about that. And, on top of that, he decided to get even, which he was able to do once he managed to figure out just who the Troubleshooters were. He started by taking down Ferris and killing poor Andy. In this fight, however, Giotti and Terry managed to defeat the man... barely.

Enraged, the two remaining (and effective) Troubleshooters sought him out in turn, breaking into the F.B.I. data base to find all the info they needed on the man. Armed with the info they needed, the two tracked him down and put the beat down on him, and how! In fact, Giotti would've killed Steel Hawk if he wasn't saved at the last minute by his female companion.

At it sat, he broke practically every bone in the assassin's body, and apparently inflicted some brain damage upon the man, effectively ruining his career as a terrorist and assassin for the Club. After this incident, Giotti and Terry got together, as the girl apparently had a big ol' crush on him, and with Jenny gone, he had nobody else to be lusting after...


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