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The mother of Hank McCoy AKA The Beast. She is married with Norton McCoy, who was exposed to radiation during a meltdown in a power plant where he was working. Due to Norton´s exposition to radiation Hank was born with huge hands, feet and incredibly high IQ. During Hank´s childhood, they were supportive and kind to their boy.


Edna McCoy was created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Werner Roth and first appeared in (Uncanny) X-Men Vol.1 issue 15 (1965).

Major Story Arcs

Mother of a Hero

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At Hank´s teen years, his powers manifested more, provoking jealousy and attention over him. One day Hank stopped three criminals using his mutant skills. This made it to the news. And the villain known only as the Conquistador decided that he could use Hank as a weapon after seeing this report. The Conquistador successfully managed to kidnap Hank, Edna and Norton, and told Hank that he would release them when he stole an experimental nuclear device. Hank accepted but when he returned, Conquistador said that he didn´t need him anymore but he would keep his parents indefinitely. At this moment Professor X with Cyclops and Iceman saved Hank and his parents, and offered Hank to join the X-Men giving him codename Beast.

Dark Beast

Several years later, an alternate version of Hank ( Dark Beast) arrived to current time line and studied plenty of Hank´s closest friends and familiars in order to learn everything about Hank and supplant him. During his visit to Hank´s parents, Dark Beast almost killed them but he couldn´t, instead he killed a pedestrian nearby.

Powers and Abilities

Although the mother of the X-men's Beast, Edna is not a mutant and possesses no special powers.


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