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    Spanish publisher from 1910 (under the name "El Gato Negro") until 1986.

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    Juan Bruguera Teixido founded "El Gato Negro" in 1910, inspired by TBO magazine, created four years earlier. It created its own magazine, Pulgarcito, wich has a lot of success. As the publisher grown, it started to publish english comics too. After the death of Bruguera, his sons continued his work and changed the publisher's name to Ediciones Bruguera. 
    After the spanish civil war and its postyears, the publisher recovered some stability in 1947, releasing its main magazine, Pulgarcito, and others: El Campeon, Super Pulgarcito, Magos de la risa,... It published as well popular novels and, of course, comic books. Some projects didn't turn out well, but by that time, it was already the most important publisher in Spain and it was expanding the business to Latin America. 
    Since the mid 60's, Bruguera's magazines start to feature french/belgian characters like Asterix and Blueberry. It was clearly the biggest publisher in Spain and almost every notorious spanish characters were published by it: Mortadelo y Filemon, Zipi y Zape, El botones Sacarino, Rompetechos... It kept multiplying its productions with hardcovers, compilations, special editions... It also started to publish american comic books, specially Marvel's: Star Wars, The Hulk, Spider-Man... and novels writen by authors of the greatest standing, like Jorge Luis Borges, Juan Carlos Onetti and Gonzalo Torrente Ballester. By 1981, Bruguera kept growing and growing. 
    Nevertheless, only one year later, the fall of Bruguera started. It presented a cessation of payments based on the following causes: the cancellation of the contract with one of its editors, the devaluation of mexican currency by 78%, the prohibition of outgoing foreign currency from Argentina and the continuing increase in the cost of its international credits caused by the devaluation of spanish currency changed to american dollars. 
    The labor union took over trying to save Bruguera from bankruptcy. It continued working for a few years, starting new volumes like Superlopez, but in 1986 it was finally bought by Editorial Group Zeta, that changed its name to Ediciones B. There was one affilated company that survived, though: the one in Mexico, Editorial Bruguera Mexicana, that continues working in Latin America and the US.


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