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Christmas in July!

Plot: Edison has his very first super-hero team-up with the brand new Eclipse!

Story and Script.

We learn a bit more about Eclipse II who prior to this issue had only appeared in statue form, and in brief flashbacks. That is an aspect of this series I really like. Nothing is trivial, everything seems to come back to play later(whether it be statues, or a brief mention in the Edison Files). There's also a bit of twist to the character, which pays homage to Batman Beyond.

I'm rather excited to see what will become of this new Eclipse and her suspicions regarding Edison's morality. Maul Santa despite being a clear pastiche of the Joker is different enough, and his Edison file in the back of the book made for some good humor.

It was nice to see a first meeting, and subsequent team up of heroes not start with a battle between them. However the issue's plot is rather formulaic, and I hope the next issues plot is a little more interesting. The side characters get little spotlight in the issue, although there is a humorous exchange between Edison and Larva.


Again the art is great. Really wish there was a little more effort in Maul Santa's costume design. I mean I get that he's supposed to resemble Santa, but I mean even just changing the color scheme. I do however like Eclipse II and III's costume designs.


Overall, this issue was fun albeit a bit formulaic. A big step up from last issue's origin story.

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