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Secret Origin

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Story and Script

I've really been loving the series, but this issue just didn't do anything for me. I love flashback issues and episodes of comics and television shows, but this issue didn't really add anything interesting to the story. A lot of the events which take place are predictable and cliché. Something I've enjoyed a lot about this series is how it puts interesting twists on comic book clichés.

The whole reason behind Edison and Valiant's rivalry felt a bit lackluster. Gladstone's reaction to Edison blaming Valiant, came across as forced and unrealistic. Edison just nearly died, and Gladstone is condemning him. I really was not a fan of this story.

That's not to say this was a terrible issue. There were some fun elements to this issue. I enjoyed the super-team and their dog introduced in this issue, and I'm sure they'll come back at some point. I liked the similarities and differences between Edison and Batman's origin's as well. I'm sure the real culprit behind the launch's failure shall return at some point(if not already).


As usual the art is great.


Not a terrible issue, but compared to others this is the worst. I'm excited for the next issue to see how the storyline shall advance.

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