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    Tom O'Brien was a regular guy until he gained the ability to fire razor-edged blades from his body after being bitten by the alien parasite, Angon.

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    Tom O'Brien was a young Metropolis resident who'd been forced to drop out of high school in order to work to support his family. He soon became a community figure in his neighborhood, as well a friend of John Henry Irons, who was unbeknownst to him the hero known as Steel.
    Being a fairly upstanding citizen, he one day tried to save a woman from what looked like a mugging, but the woman turned out to be the alien parasite known as Angon. She captured Tom, fed on his spinal fluid, and left him for dead. Tom survived the attack however, and the bite accidentally imbued him with strange new powers.  
    When Tom awoke from the attack, he found himself atop a pile of the dead bodies of Angon's other victims and without any memory of who he was and how he'd gotten there. It was then that his powers fully awakened and he sprouted strange blades all over his body. Thoroughly confused by all this, Tom came to believe that he was responsible for the murdered people.  
    He soon ran into trouble with the MSCU and even Steel, who also believed him to be responsible for the murders. Steel was luckily able to recognize Tom however, and did his best to help him figure out who he was again. They eventually teamed up against Angon and managed to drive her out of Metropolis.  

    Powers and Abilities

    Edge has the ability to generate and fire razor-edged blades from his skin. They were shown to be sharp enough to slice through the armor of Steel, as well as puncture the armored skin of Angon

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