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I'm not entirely sure what I just read.

I went into this book without expectations really. I knew the writer Gerard Way was supposed to be pretty good and the artist Jake Wyatt did a two part arc on Ms. Marvel, which i've only heard great thing about. (And really need to get around to picking up the first trade.) Anyway, my point is the only thing I knew about this book is that it was about an alternate universe's Spider-Man.

The Good

The opening could only be described as chilling, and me being the terrible person I am will spoil it for you. The person who is in SP//dr is killed, dead. He is no longer living. His daughter is the only genetic match possible to be the new SP//dr, but she's like 8. And the way you are picked to be the new SP//dr is a spider has to bite you and "accept" you. It's kind of weird, but the crisp art really plays apart in keeping your attention and just freaking you out.

After that we see a really weird take on Mysterio that felt a little off, as far as mysterio goes anyway. The SP//dr (Peni Parker) goes to beat him up, but what really caught my attention was the writer's choice as having song lyrics on the fight and not risk the chance of having a ton of clunky writing during the fight. Which honestly makes more sense in the sense of music calming someone down and letting them lose themself.

After that we meet an alternate version of Daredevil with maybe my favorite DD costume, ever. They chat for a couple of pages and then it ends. Which is a damn shame too, I was just getting settled in for the long ride here.

The art could be described only as crisp, maybe on the levels of Bryan Hitch's work on The Ultimates, but "dirtier" and a bit lighter. It's detailed, and imagined. To say the least, I dug it.

The Bad

If this book had any problems it would be that I had to read it twice to understand what the hell I just read. It just starts and doesn't really wait for you to understand what's going on. If that makes any sense.

Should you buy this?

Yes, yes, you should. Like right now. Go. Now.

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