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Kind of disappointed in myself I skipped this when it came out.

So, I am quite the terrible person, I skipped this issue (and all of edge of Spider-verse) when it came out. But today I actually got the opportunity to borrow this issue. And after reading it I came to the conclusion that I really messed up, 'cause this was great.

Meet Gwen Stacy, high school graduate who instead of going to college or something like that she pursues music! Her father wanting her to go on and do great things is kind of disappointed she's pursuing music. Oh, and she's also the Spider-Man of this universe. That's kind of important too.

Writer Jason LaTour deserves an applause for having this universe feel like a full fledged universe while also feeling like a brand new start and a fitting one and done one shot. Which sounds rather weird if you say it out loud, I admit, but if you read this issue you'll understand what I mean. He doesn't waste time on stuff that won't give this universe it's own uniqueness. I have a genuine interest after reading this issue to read everything I could with this Gwen. The best thing about this is that she's actually funny and it doesn't feel forced at all.

I've actually been a fan of artist Robbi Rodriguez for a little while now. His art in FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics was sublime. It's really kinetic and his style just really works for me. I don't know if he has the same colorist but both books feature really vibrant colors which I rather enjoy after reading a ton of really dark comics where I have to squint to figure out what's going on. So that's a plus.

If you were like me and decided to skip this title, I would tell you, you messed up. This book really set up the universe it inhabits; almost to perfection.

Catchy writing, kinetic writing, an alternate universe that doesn't come off as gimmicky, all of those are reasons to buy this issue.

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