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    Edenians are the native race who make Edenia there home. Edenians are a human like species with a gift for magic.

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    Edenians are the sentient species in charge of the realm of Edenia. Edenia has a good relationship with Earthrealm, of whom each protects the other from Outworld's conquests. Relations with the Orderrealm are acceptable, however, Edenians know better than to fully trust them due to their fanatical devotion to order. Chaosrealm is an enemy of Edenia since Chaosrealm's sole mission is to spread chaos and disorder.


    Edenians are human-like in appearance but have a higher attribute towards magic. Edenians also have an extremely extended lifespan and are said to be descended from the gods themselves. Princess Kitana is the youngest Edenian and is 10,000 years old. Edenains can use magic for a variety of purposes such as teleportation, dimensional travel, elemental control, flight, and other uses as well


    Edenains are most concerned with keeping their beautiful home the way it is. After 10,000 years under Shao Kahn's rule, Edenians are fiercely protective of both their realm, as well as, their closest ally, Earthrealm. Edenians are eloquent, intelligent, and gifted with a variety of skills. This doesn't mean there aren't power-hungry individuals such as Tanya and Rain. For the most part, Edenains are a just and peaceful race until pushed towards battle.


    Edenains lack technology although their mastery over magic allows their society to thrive. Edenia is noted to be one of the most beautiful realms and this is part of the Edenains keeping it that way. Edenian magic is more widespread and useful than Outworld's - with most, if not all Edenians capable of at least the basic feats of magic.

    Notable Members

    Princess Kitana - The child of Sindel and Jerrod. Kitana was raised by Shao Kahn as his daughter and personal assassin. After the second Mortal Kombat tournament, Kitana joined Earthrealm's defenders and helped defeat Shao Kahn's forces and in turn liberated her home realm, Edenia.

    Jade - One of the Edenians used by Shao Kahn as a personal assassin. Jade is the best at stealth and recon and uses an extendable staff and razorangs as weapons. She is a childhood friend of Kitana.

    King Jerrod - The king of Edenia who was killed during Shao Kahn's conquest of the realm. Jerrod's soul was later used, alongside a number of various warriors' souls, in the creation of Ermac.

    Queen Sindel - Queen Sindel was married to King Jerrod when Shao Kahn invaded and conquered Edenia. She was forced to marry Shao Kahn though she committed suicide to escape him. Her resurrection is what allowed Shao Kahn to invade Earthrealm.

    Delia - The mother of both Taven and Daegon. Delia was a powerful sorcerous noted for having prophetic visions of the future.

    Tanya - The daughter of an Edenian ambassador. Tanya is a ruthless member of the Brotherhood of Shadows, who betrayed her own realm.


    Rain - Prince Rain was Edenian royalty who betrayed Edenia during Shao Kahns invasion becoming one of his generals in the process. Rain is actually the half Edenian/half God son of Argus the protector god of Edenia

    Taven - The half Edenian/half God son of Argus and Delia. Taven was locked in slumber in Earthrealm to combat armageddon

    Daegon - The half Edenian/half God son of Argus and Delia as well as Taven's brother. Daegon was locked in slumber on Earthrealm to combat armageddon. He was awoken earlier than expected and went on to form the Red Dragon Clan

    Mileena - The half Tarkatan and half Edenian clone of princess Kitanna. Mileena was Shang Tsung's and Shao Kahn's attempt at making a suitable princess for Outworld. Mileena lacks the Tarkantan blades but did get access to Edenian magic allowing for teleportation.

    Ermac - Ermac is a construct formed from the souls of Edenian warriors created by Shao Kahn. One of those souls is King Jerrod.

    Powers and Abilities

    Elemental Powers

    Edenians seem to be gifted with unique elemental powers to enhance their magic abilities and martial arts. Kitana has wind and air powers, while Jade has shadow moves, Sindel with her sonic attacks, Rain summons lightning and water, and Taven summons fire.


    Edenians are naturally long lived and describe that this trait is inhereted from the Gods themselves. Princess Kitana is the youngest Edenian known and hes is over 10,000 years old and looks to be mid twenties.

    Magic Potential

    Edenians seem to have a greater affinity for magic than humans since their society revolves around magic. Most Edenians have some magic though Delia is the most powerful sorceress.

    Martial Arts

    Most, if not all Edenians practice some form of martial arts, they are noted warriors and every Edenian shown thus far has been a formidable opponent


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