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Sarah Ellis was a young girl who lived with her step-mother after her dad left. Her step-mother was very controlling of her, making her do all the work around the house. She discovered her power when she finally stood up to her step-mom, where she shouted at her telling her to just die, and instantly, her step-mother's heart stopped beating. After that, Sarah went around doing whatever she wanted, using her power. Then the Company found out about her. The Haitian and Noah Bennet found her and tried to convince her to join the Company to find heroes. She, at first, refused and tried to use her persuasion. But, the Haitian had neutralized her powers. So, she decided to join the Company and dawn the alias Eden McCain.

Since joining, she had persuaded Isaac the painter to tell the future, and she had worked alongside Mohinder to find more heroes. When the company caught Sylar, a powerful villain who steals powers, Eden decided to take matters into her own hands. She wanted Sylar dead, but no one else wanted him gone yet. He was being held in a secret prison in the Primach facility.Eden decided to go to Syalr's prison and use her powers. She had a gun. She told him normally that she was going to give him the gun, and he was going to kill himself. Sylar used his telekinesis to throw Eden through the glass of his cell. Eden shot herself in the head to stop Sylar from gaining her power.

When Mr. Bennet told her drunk of a father that Eden was dead, her father didn't care, even after Mr. Bennet forced him against a wall and told him she was a hero. Mr. Bennet had the Haitian wipe her father's memories, telling him to just leave the guilt.

She recently appeared in a back story of Elle's where she displayed hand-to-hand combat skill.


Sarah Ellis, later Eden McCain, has the power of persuasion, which she directs through her voice. She normally has to repeat the command a few times, before the person actually falls into the trance in which they do what she wants them to do. When they wake up from the trance, they usually are unable to remember what happened. For some reason, her ability didn't work on Sylar.

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