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    Eddy is the loudmouth, self centered, self appointed leader of the Ed's. He is constantly trying to scam any of the other kids out of either money or candy. Eddy is very greedy.

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    Eddy is the leader of the trio made of up Ed, Edd, and himself. Eddy is loud, rude, crude, and bossy. He has a knack for causing mischief around the neighborhood and creates elaborate cons & scams to dupe the other kids in the neighborhood. He has an older brother whom he constantly talks about, though he isn't seen until the movie Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show. Eddy is the youngest member of the group and the shortest, though calling him short results in anger.


    Eddy has various outfits depending on which persona he is using.

    • Traditional - Eddy has 3 hairs atop his head of which he often combs, though nothing ever happens to them. His skin pigment makes it look like he constantly has a light sunburn, though this isn't true as seen in an episode where Eddy actually develops a sun burn, causing his skin to become a deep red. He is the shortest member the group, though hates when this fact is mentioned. Eddy wears a collared yellow T-Shirt with a single vertical red stripe, this is similar to Rolf's yellow shirt with a horizontal stripe. He also wears light blue jeans with what appears to be a chain on it and red shoes.
    • Eddy the Christmas Angel - Eddy wore fake Angel Wings that he obtained from Edd.
    • Eddy-Dini - Eddy wore a black cape and purple turban with a hypnotizing disc attached to it.
    • Panda Eddy - Eddy wrote a panda hat, black vest, and panda slippers.
    • Professor Scam - Eddy wore a red headband and a monocle on his right eye. He also wore red gloves and red socks. For the body of this outfit he wore a white tank top with a dollar sign stitched to it and white underpants.
    • Young Eddy - When Eddy was young he wore his traditional shirt but had a diaper on underneath. He also wore a propeller hat.
    • Old Eddy - Old Eddy had bushy white eyebrows and zits. He also required a cane to walk and his clothes were the same as traditional Eddy's, though they were more worn and had some patches in them.


    Eddy is the loudest and most crude member of the trio, constantly responding to people in a mean or sarcastic manner.

    Eddy idolizes his older brother and constantly mentions various scams or con's that his brother has pulled off, though it is unknown if anything he says about his brother is true. The one time that we see Eddy and his older brother in the same location and interacting with each other his brother treats him like dirt, this causes Eddy to become distraught and embarrassed.

    Eddy is also a con artist himself, as he is the mastermind behind all of the scams that the trio work on.

    Eddy loves Jawbreakers and will do anything he can to obtain one. He is typically shown to think he's cooler than the others with his Barry White albums and disco ball. In the end the only reason that Eddy says and does the rude and crude things seen in the show are because he has the strong desire to be accepted by his peers, though doesn't know how to actually gain true acceptance. He has a strong rivalry with Kevin.

    Eddy's rivalry with Kevin has led him to the point of paranoia, often believing that Kevin is scheming against him. In one instance Ed forgot where he had hid some of Eddy's magazines and Eddy immediately began blaming Kevin, getting nervous at the though of Kevin having some of his possessions.

    Eddy has several alter egos.

    • Bobby Blabby - Eddy's pen name and secret identity when he wrote for the school paper. Under this persona Eddy wrote lies about everyone else in order to make the newspaper more interesting, though he was eventually found out and punished for his actions.
    • Eddy the Christmas Angel - Eddy during the Christmas Special when he tried to steal Johnny's presents.
    • Eddy-Dini - Eddy obtained a hypnotizing disc from a psychology book owned by Edd. He then used the disc to hypnotize other kids in the Cul de Sac.
    • Panda Eddy - A personality used in a scam, it was only seen once in the failed scam.
    • Professor Scam - Professor Scam is Eddy's supervillain persona that he combats Captain Melonhead with. He uses a long staff and can shoot neon dollar signs out of his monocle.


    Eddy has the average levels of strength displayed by the other characters in the Cul de Sac.

    As Professor Scam he has a different set of abilities

    • Genius Intellect - Professor Scam is a much smarter version of Eddy, which is unusual since it's just Eddy in a mask.
    • Ray of Riches - Eddy was able to shoot neon dollar signs out of his monocle as Professor Scam.

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