Eddie Deacon

    Character » Eddie Deacon appears in 26 issues.

    New owner of the Oblivion Bar.

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    Eddie Deacon was born with flippers instead of hands and feet. He was sold to a carnival by his mother, who wanted the money to buy drugs. The carnival advertised him as Flippy, half seal, half boy. When it was running low on money, it abandoned him. Inspired by Batman, who rescued him from an angry member of the carnival, Eddie decided to become a hero. Not having any real powers of his own, Eddie was determined to get some. He trained under a master of telekinesis, who taught Eddie how to move objects with his mind. Realizing that he really did not have the temperament of a hero, Eddie decided to put his skills to other uses. While Shadowpact and Nightmaster were presumed dead for a year, Eddie took over and reopened the Oblivion Bar. When Shadowpact returned, he refused to give it up, but rented them one of the rooms.

    Powers and Abilities

    Eddie Deacon is a superb swimmer. He is also able to move multiple small objects at once using telekinesis. While he cannot lift heavy objects using his telekinesis, he can perform complex tasks with smaller ones.

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