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    Scottish comic book artist.

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    Probably best known as the artist of FROM HELL, Eddie Campbell was born in on the 10 of August, 1955. He expatriated to in the late 80’s and lives there to this day.

    He started his career in comics in the late 70’s with the publication of IN THE DAYS OF THE ACE ROCK AND ROLL CLUB. This semi-autobiographical story led to the ALEC series in the early 80’s that continued until AFTER THE SNOOTER in 2002, in which appears to have laid his hero, Alec McGarry, to rest. Many of Campbell’s early self-published comics were photocopied pamphlets that he sold in at conventions and comic stores. There were two other collections, DOGGIE IN THE WINDOW and LOVE AND BEERGLASSES, which were combined with ALEC in 2002 and re-published under the title of THE KING CANUTE CROWD. In 1990 and 1991, two further thin volumes, LITTLE ITALY and THE DEAD MUSE were published through Fantagraphics. GRAFFITI KITCHEN, which considers the highpoint of the series, was published in 1993 by Tundra Publishing, Kevin Eastman’s company. There was also THE DANCE OF LIFEY DEATH from Dark Horse Comics in 1994.

    During the explosion of black and white independent comics in the 80’s, created the series, DEADFACE, for British publisher Harrier Comics. It told the story of Bacchus, the Greek god of wine, and a few other mythological figures who survived to the present. These Bacchus stories also appeared in the British anthology TRIDENT and the American anthology DARK HORSE PRESENTS. The entire Bacchus saga is to be published in two 500-page volumes in 2010 by Top Shelf Productions.

    In 1989, began illustrating Alan Moore’s FROM HELL, initially serialized in Steve Bissette’s anthology, TABOO. After TABOO ceased publication, FROM HELL was published in installments by Tundra and then by Kitchen Sink. It is now the property of under the auspices of Top Shelf.

    A more purely autobiographical (albeit fake) work was THE FATE OF THE ARTIST, in which disappears and friends and family investigate, was published by First Second Books in 2006. First Second also put out two more of Eddie’s books. The next First Second book, THE BLACK DIAMOND DETECTIVE AGENCY was released in 2007. Set in 1899, it features a private detective agency investigating a conspiracy to blow up a train, and their prime suspect's efforts to reveal the truth. In January 2008, ’s latest book was also published by First Second. THE AMAZING REMARKABLE MONSIEUR LEOTARD follows the life of circus performers and historical figures as they wander in and out of history.


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