For classic Venom stories:

  • Uncanny Origins #7 — A stylized retelling of Eddie Brock's origin and his rise to power as Venom, all covered in one comic that essentially leads into Venom: Lethal Protector. A cheaper alternative to…
  • Spider-Man: Birth of Venom — A trade paperback collecting not only Venom's origin and first appearances in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man, but also the origin of the symbiote and a few key Spider-Man adventures before he abandoned the black suit. This is a definite must-have for any Venom/Eddie Brock fan.
  • Spider-Man: The Vengeance of Venom — A trade paperback collecting nearly all of Eddie Brock's early adventures and appearances as Venom before Venom: Lethal Protector. Also includes the first appearance of Carnage.
  • Venom: Lethal Protector — A trade paperback collecting all six issues of the definitive Eddie Brock/Venom miniseries. Chronicles his early career as an antihero in his hometown of San Francisco.
  • Spider-Man: Maximum Carnage — A trade paperback collecting all 14 issues of the "Maximum Carnage" event across multiple Spider-Man titles. Features Eddie Brock/Venom as one of the major players.
  • Spectacular Spider-Man: The Hunger — A trade paperback collecting the first volume to the Spectacular Spider-Man series, featuring Eddie Brock/Venom. In this story arc, the Venom symbiote attempts to abandon Eddie after he learns about his cancer's return.
  • Sensational Spider-Man #3839 — Features the story arc, "The Last Temptation of Eddie Brock," in which Eddie suffers the symbiote's influence even after he abandoned it and wastes away in a hospital with his cancer. Collected in Peter Parker, Spider-Man: Back in Black.

For Anti-Venom stories:

  • Spider-Man: New Ways to Die — A trade paperback collecting Amazing Spider-Man #568-573 and Marvel Spotlight: Amazing Spider-Man, Brand New Day, in which Eddie Brock is transformed into Anti-Venom.
  • Amazing Spider-Man: EXTRA! #2 — Features the story "Black and White," in which Anti-Venom discovers Martin Li's secret identity and rescues Jenna Cole.
  • Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Anti-Venom - New Ways to Live — A trade paperback featuring Anti-Venom's first and only solo series in which he teams up with the Punisher to rescue Jenna Cole from a drug cartel.
  • Amazing Spider-Man: The Return of Anti-Venom — A trade paperback collecting Amazing Spider-Man #663-665 and Free Comic Book Day 2011: Amazing Spider-Man, in which Anti-Venom teams up with Spider-Man and the Wraith to take down Mr. Negative.
  • Amazing Spider-Man: Spider-Island — A trade paperback collecting Amazing Spider-Man #666-673, Venom #6-9, Spider-Island: Deadly Foes, Spider-Island Spotlight, and other stories, in which Eddie Brock makes his final appearance as Anti-Venom. Eddie battles against Agent Venom and sacrifices his Anti-Venom antibodies to cure the Spider-Island infection.

For Toxin stories:

  • Venom: The Savage Six — A trade paperback collecting Venom #15-22 in which Eddie Brock is forced to bond with the Toxin symbiote and join Crime-Master's Savage Six against Agent Venom.
  • Venom: Toxin With A Vengeance! — A trade paperback collecting Venom #31-35 in which Eddie Brock/Toxin harasses and eventually teams up with Agent Venom against the Symbiote Slayers.
  • Carnage #15 - What Dwells Beneath Part FiveThis issue of Gerry Conway's Carnage series includes a decent amount of character development for Eddie Brock and raises some important questions about his part in Cletus Kasady's origin as Carnage.

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