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    Edd is the intelligent, good mannered, and rule following member of the trio. Edd is able to make complex machines from the refuse around town and from parts in the junkyard.

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    Edd is one of the boys that makes up the trio of Ed, Edd, and Eddy. Edd is the second tallest member of the group, shorter then Ed but taller then Eddy. Typically Edd is referred to by the nickname Double D, this is due to the fact that unlike Ed his name has two D's in it. Edd is often opposed to participating in the scams that Eddy creates, though is always dragged in by both Ed and Eddy in the end. His involvement in the group is the design and creation of the equipment used in Eddys scams.

    Edd once worked on a paper route, this attracted the attention of Eddy who then tried to design a complex system in which Ed and Edd could deliver the maximum amount of papers in a short period of time. When working the route Edd seemed to have no issue with the fact that Eddy wasn't doing anything to actually help, this could mean that he just enjoys working or is a workaholic.


    Edd hasn't been actively involved in any romantic relationships though it appears he has a slight crush on Nazz like the other Ed's do. Edd has become the most involved with Nazz compared to any of the other characters on the show, having danced with her at the school dance and receiving a kiss from her. It appears that Nazz likes Edd more than any of the other Ed's, though they haven't ever been in an official relationship.

    There was also an episode in which Sarah was stalking Edd due to the fact that she had a crush on him. She called him her boyfriend several times throughout the episode, though Edd didn't agree to such a thing. Sarah was able to chase Edd onto a fridge where she then used magnetic letters to spell out "Edd + Sarah". During this period of time Jimmy became incredibly hostile & aggressive towards Edd, this is due to the fact that Edd had attracted the attention of his best friend and possible crush. This ended when Ed and Eddy reunited Jimmy & Sarah.

    Marie, one of the tree Kanker Sisters, is in love with Edd. She is the smartest of the trio and often thinks before she acts, though it is shown that she also has a short temper. Edd does not return the affection that she shows to him.


    Edd is a scrawny young male. He is always seen wearing an orange/red shirt with purple shorts and red socks. He also wears a black beanie that he NEVER takes off, this has earned him the nickname Sockhead. The reasons for his fear of removing the hat are never truly known, it's been hinted that he could possibly be balding, have a disgusting scalp, or some weird mutation.

    Edd is also seen wearing a lab coat with protective gloves and goggles whenever he does experiments. When eating grapefruit Edd donned the lab coat once more, mostly likely to protect himself from the fruits squirting juices when he made an attempt to eat it.

    Edd also wore a wrestling outfit when he became a wrestler in the Cul-De-Sac alongside Ed and Eddy. He wore a plunger on his head, had toilet paper rolls on his elbows and knees, and wore a red tank top. Edd also wore a pair of red underwear to match the tank top and had a white belt.

    Edd has 3 hairs that poke out from the back of his hat, whenever he becomes shocks or surprised the hairs will stiffen. Edd also has a gap between his two front teeth and a larger chin compared to Ed and Eddy.

    A younger version of Edd is seen in a flashback in which he was wearing his traditional black beanie, red/orange shirt, and purple overalls.

    An old version of Edd is seen in an episode in which the Ed's somehow get sent to the future. Edd is wearing the same outfit as his younger self, though his pants are pulled up higher. Edd also has very pale and droopy skin in the future as an elderly man.


    Edd is the most well mannered of the group, and is very polite and good natured. He also appears to be neurotic, analytical, and organized, as he often gets agitated if his things go missing, his room gets messy, or things aren't labeled. Edd has the highest IQ of all of the Edd's and of all the other kids in the Cul-De-Sac. He is the top of his class in every subject, besides PE, which he takes great pride in. Edd is the weakest of the group and despises PE class, it is his worst subject in school. Edd is often hesitant to help Eddy in his scams with Ed but always ends up joining the other two in their pursuit for Jawbreakers. Edd is also the only member of the trio that is an only child, as Ed has a littler sister and Eddy has an older brother.

    Edd's character has developed in terms of how he interacts with the other characters on the show as the show has progressed. Originally he was very soft spoken and held back, often being intimidated by Eddy and forced into helping him create scams. In the later episodes Edd develops more of a 'backbone' and stands up against Eddy, often neglecting to help him scam the other children. Edd usually reacts to Eddy's comments with sarcasm in later episodes.

    Edd also appears to get angry or jealous if others are seen as better than him in various areas. This could stem from the fact that Edd is an only child and isn't used to having to compete with others for attention.

    Edd has a great fear of being a disappointment in terms of his studies and intelligence. It is also shown that he fears getting messy or having his clothes stained. Edd also appears to have a fear of insects, when Ed broke open his screen door he began rambling about how now the winged bugs from the outside world would begin pouring into his house. Edd immediately grabbed the nearest fly swatter, declaring that the rest of the Ed's would now be safe from their wrath.

    Edd tends to go crazy whenever he gains any sort of adrenaline. This was seen when the Ed's were combating the Kanker Sisters in a squirt gun fight and Edd constructed a machine gun out of Turkey Basters. Edd began firing the weapon and started laughing maniacally, he had to be calmed down by Eddy and was embarrassed afterwards.

    In a flashback episode a younger version of Edd was seen, he was still incredibly polite and had good mannerisms like his current version.

    In an episode in which the Ed's got sent to the future the older version of Edd had become slightly crazy, often reciting information that offered no relevance or usefulness to the current situation.


    Edd is a genius, this is shown off whenever the Trio needs to build something. Edd is capable of building high powered rockets, intelligent robots, jet packs, planes, and even roller coasters with various junk he finds laying around the town. Edd is the weakest member of the trio in terms of physical strength.

    Edd also appears to have some degree of cooking skills and is very precise whenever he's seen to be measuring anything, such as when the Ed's were making a pizza and Edd was cooking the sauce.

    Edd is also knowledgeable of psychology and was able to use a hypno-disc from a psychology manual to hypnotize various kids in the cul-de-sac. He and Eddy were able to convince Kevin that he was a monkey and Jimmy that he was actually a strong man. The hypnotism also turned Sarah into a frog and had her eating bugs. Edd was also able to accurately diagnose Johnny's social phobias and lack of self confidence.

    Edd has the best agility of all the Ed's, this was shown when the Kanker Sisters began firing an entire load of water balloons at the Ed's. Edd was able to simply sidestep every projectile fired at him whereas Ed and Eddy got hit over and over.


    • Edd designed a machine that launched newspapers to speed up his paper route, the machine went Haywire after Ed stuck Eddy's bed into the machine. The power of this machine was enough to make a newspaper dent a telephone pole.
    • Edd made goggles that were able to track heat signatures of humans. These goggles were used in the Hide-n-Seek game against the other kids in the cul de sac.
    • Edd make a rocket ship with junk found in a junkyard. It was a prototype and was launched using a very large spring. When it made it's way into the atmosphere it burnt up, though it's parachute function kicked in and helped Eddy land safely.
    • Edd also designed a clubhouse for the Ed's. The blueprints were rather complex and advanced and the other Ed's were unable to correctly build the structure, though it was still a decent clubhouse.
    • Edd create a machine gun using Turkey Basters to use when fighting the Kanker Sisters.

    Fusion Fall Universe

    Edd, like Ed, is also missing from the Future World of the Fusion Fall Universe. It is assumed that he was killed before the fall of Tech Square. A hologram version of Edd can be found but this is most likely due to the fact that he is a possible guide choice for the player.

    In the Past World Edd was the one who designed the cardboard fortress around the Cul De Sac. Edd also helped Dexter locate missing heroes as he was the one to find the Power Level Tracker.

    There is a nano version of Edd that will follow the player around and assist them.


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