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    Ed is the workhorse of the trio. His great strength seems to be compensated for his relative stupidity.

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    Ed is one of the members of the trio made up of Ed, Edd, and Eddy. Ed is the tallest and largest member of the group. Ed is a fan of comics, movie monsters, and buttered toast. He has a kind heart and approaches everything with a positive attitude. Ed is usually abused by Eddy and due to his dimwitted nature is easily manipulated. Ed never questions tasks given to him by Eddy and does not understand that he is being manipulated.


    Ed has an odd skin pigment, as it is more yellowish than white like the other Ed's. He is the tallest kid in the Cul de Sac, followed closely by Rolf. Ed has several short hairs atop his head, more than both Edd and Eddy, he also has a thick unibrow. Ed's unibrow is actually removable and can be used against him as blackmail, though when this happens he goes into fits of rage and gains incredible levels of strength.

    Ed wears a long green jacket with a popped collar. He also wears a black and red striped shirt under the jacked and has blue jeans. Ed is also seen wearing black sneakers.

    In one episodes the future versions of the kids are seen and Ed has no changes in his outfit. He still wears the green jacket though it appears to have several patches on it, most likely due to lots of wear and tear. Ed has also grown a large white beard and his unibrow has gone from black to white. Ed has also lost the short stubble of hairs atop his head. For some reason there is a mousetrap stuck to Ed's beard when he is older.


    Ed is incredibly dimwitted and seems oblivious to things that happen around him. He never questions tasks that people give him, no matter who gives him the task. Ed has a generally optimistic outlook on everything and has a deep love for chickens and buttered toast. Ed's room is covered with comic books and posters of movie monsters, he usually references characters from these comics or movies in conversations that they have no true meaning or place.

    Ed has a deep fear of his little sister Sarah, who threatens him with telling their mother that he did something wrong, even if he's done nothing. Even though Ed is afraid of his younger sister he loves her unconditionally and will do anything to protect her.

    It appears that Ed also has a sleepwalking disorder. While sleepwalking he usually breaks into various houses and eats all the food that the house contains, he then moves on to the next house to continue to process. Whenever Ed wakes up he has no memories of his sleep walking and often wonders why his room is filled with food and why his stomach is so full. The other members of the Ed's tried to help Ed combat his sleepwalking by tying a rope around Ed and his bed, this failed however as Ed's strength allowed him to easily stand up and walk around with the bed attached to his back.

    When the Ed's were able to see the future versions of everyone in the Cul de Sac the older Ed appeared to be very similar to the young Ed. His intelligence was still at minimum levels and he suffered from an uncontrollable colon. Ed also requires a walker to walk when he enters his old age.

    In an episode in which Edd and Eddy tried to increase Ed's intelligence Ed was able to discover another dimension. It is unknown why Ed was able to come across this dimension though he didn't seem to notice that anything was wrong.

    Whenever Ed becomes mad he becomes an unstoppable force of destruction. This can be seen when he suffered from having a pebble in his shoe and ended up turning against both Edd and Eddy, his closest friends. Though once Ed's anger is calmed he returns to normal and doesn't seem to acknowledge the damage he has caused. Ed also becomes incredibly angry and easy to upset if he hasn't had gravy for an extended period of time. This could be one of the reasons that Ed has a bathtub filled with gravy in his room.

    Ed has a fear of spiders, wigs, and soap. Ed also fears the Kanker Sisters like the rest of the Ed's.

    Though Ed has minimal intelligence he was able to think of a scam for the Ed's to use in their pursuit of Jawbreakers, though this was influenced by something he had read in one of his comic books.

    Ed also has several pets, one of them is a turtle and the others are all seagulls. The names of some of the Seagulls are Nester, Edmund, and Penelope.

    Another odd aspect of Ed is the fact that he is able to perfectly play the Flute and Saxophone yet is forced to play the Violin by his parents.


    Beserker Strength - Ed is able to easily lift things like houses or trees with a single hand. He is the strongest character in the Cul de Sac, followed closely by Rolf.

    Superhuman Speed - Ed is able to run at incredibly fast speeds, even when carrying large burdens. He is usually used by the other Ed's as a means of escape when a scam goes poorly or when they're chased by the Kanker Sisters.

    Durability/Healing - Ed is incredibly resilient to damage, this is most likely due to Toon Force.

    Super Eating - Ed is able to eat anything and everything without much of a problem. He is however allergic to Rabbits, Eels, Butterscotch Pudding, and possibly Cats.

    Fusion Fall Universe

    Ed is not present in the Future World in the Fusion Fall game, a comment made by Eddy suggests that Ed was killed during the initial invasion as Eddy says that "Big Ed isn't around anymore".

    Ed can be found in the Past World in the Fusion Fall game at Mt. Blackhead. Here he has declared himself King of the Jungle and does not wish to return to the Cul De Sac.

    Ed also has a nano that can follow the player around.


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