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    The head of a criminal organization based in Marseilles, France who later obtained Cloaks powers.

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    Renee Deladier is a French criminal and drug distributer who works out of Marseilles, France. The main drug she distribute is ecstasy, which she also used as an alias after her encounter with Cloak gave her a portion of his powers. In their first meeting, Cloak sought out Deladier to punish her for her drug distributing after he witnessed a teenager high on her drugs die in an hit and run accident while he was in France. He traveled to her French villa and was angered when his threats against her didn't scare her. He then drew her into his cloak with the intention of killing her, but much to his shock and surprise, Deladier was chosen by the Entity inside the cloak to be it's new "portal" (feeder of light) of Earth's realm. She commanded the cloak to envelop the now powerless Tyrone/Cloak and once inside the Darkforce dimension would've killed him had Doctor Strange not happened upon the conflict. With his magics he successfully lured the Darkforce/Entity away from Ecstasy and once back on Earth, she was again powerless while Tyrone/Cloak regained his powers.


    Ecstasy is a Marvel comics character, created by Peter B. Gillis and Mark Badger first appearing in Dr. Strange #78 released in August 1986.

    Major Story Arc

    The New Cloak

    Renee was dormant for several years after her first appearance, but later resurfaced when Tyrone/Cloak was supposedly killed just after Marvels Inferno storyline; (in reality he merely transported himself inside the cloaks Dark Dimension to escape suffocating). Dagger discovered Cloaks cloak inside a force bubble and figured he had died and the cloak was all that was left of him. After mourning for him, she then buried the cloak in an unmarked grave under a tree in some park. Later the cloak, on it's own free will, traveled to Ecstasy and re-empowered her. She then used it's powers and became the new Cloak. She then went on to absorb the life force of others, both in order to satisfy the hunger of her stolen cloak and to improve her drug trading empire. She came into conflict with the Kingpin of Crime and his hired assassin, the Disciplinarian during this time. She traveled to America with the intention of killing Dagger so no one in the world would have the power to remove the cloak and it's powers from her.

    When Ecstasy finally confronted Dagger, she also came to fight against the Crimson Daffodil. Defending herself, Dagger tossed light knives at Ecstasy, but rather then hurt her they caused Ecstasy immense pleasure. It was those same light knives that allowed the now reawakened Cloak to find his way free from the Dark Dimension and to reassert control over the cloak and it's powers once again. Ecstasy was apparently teleported somewhere during the battle. Her most recent appearance was as a member of a terrorist group R.A.I.D in the Union Jack series. Interestingly she claims in the series that she no longer needs Cloaks cloak to be empowered by the Dark Dimension, perhaps hinting that her body had been mutated to allow her to generate the Dark Dimensional energies on the Earthly plane unaided.

    Powers and Abilities

    Ecstasy is effectively immortal, and her connection to the Darkforce allows her to generate, manipulate and project all manner of effects with the Darkforce energy. She possesses the ability to teleport. Ecstasy typically uses a scarf to ensnare potential victims into and within the Darkforce dimension.

    Physical Characteristics

    Height: 5'9"

    Weight: 130 lbs

    Hair: Blonde

    Eyes: Green


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