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    Ecliptor was Astronema's second-in-command in the Ultimate Alliance of Evil and adoptive father, raising her to be evil after she was kidnapped as a child by Darkonda under orders from Dark Specter.

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    Assumed to have been created by Dark Specter rather than born, very little is known about Ecliptor’s origin and what he did before meeting Astronema. Unlike most foes of the Power Rangers, Ecliptor was built rather than born, making it uncertain if he was programmed to be evil or became evil over time.



    Ecliptor was originally created for the Japanese show Denji Sentai Megaranger in 1997, acting as one of the primary antagonists. Originally dubbed Nezirejia Mobile Commander Yugande or Yugande for short; was created by Dr. Hinelar to serve under him as a general in his army.

    When Denji Sentai Megaranger was adapted into the sixth season of Power Rangers known as In Space, Yugande was changed into Ecliptor, a father and mentor figure of the season’s primary antagonist, Astronema.

    Behind the scenes Ecliptor was played by multiple actors. In Denji Sentai Megaranger, the suit actor was Yasuhiro Takeuchi & voiced by Hirotaka Suzuoki. While in Power Rangers In Space he was played by Yasuhiro Takeuchi & voiced by Lex Lang.

    Major Story Arcs

    Heir to Darkness

    Ecliptor giving Kay her locket
    Ecliptor giving Kay her locket

    During the capture of a young Karone on KO-35, Ecliptor was ordered to destroy any remnants of her past by Darkonda. Uncertain if he should follow his orders, Ecliptor kept a locket containing a picture of her and Andros. Years later, Ecliptor was tasked with training Astronema and several other kidnapped children, raising them to become powerful warriors in their own right. Having been given Astronema as his own personal student by Dark Specter, he grew close to the child and began to act as a father towards her. Several years after kidnapping the Astronema, he gave the locket to Astronema as a gift to remind her what she was fighting for. The destruction of the Power Rangers.

    Ecliptor constantly lied about what happened to his adoptive daughter's family, saying that the Power Rangers were the cause of her family's demise, when in fact it was him and Darkonda. The believe that the Power Rangers were evil led to her hatred of them. Yet, behind the lies he wanted her to thrive and become a strong warrior.

    Rescue Mission

    Operation: Rescue Astronema
    Operation: Rescue Astronema

    After Astronema was captured by S.P.D. during her surprise attack against Jason & Zack on Onyx, Ecliptor snuck aboard the Spectrum II and asked for aid in freeing her from her captors. With an uneasy alliance between himself and the Omega Rangers, they successfully freed the Princess of Evil from the cells of S.P.D.

    In Space

    Acting as Astronema’s right-hand man and paternal father figure, he aided her in the fight against the Power Rangers. Choosing to keep his daughter's past a secret from her, he began to build a vendetta against the Red Space Ranger, Andros, who knew the truth.

    Throughout the battle against the Space Rangers, Ecliptor butted heads against his rival Darkonda, killing him on multiple occasions. Knowing that Darkonda's true intentions was to reveal that Astronema's brother was Andros, he was blackmailed into keeping silent.

    When Astronema’s past eventually was revealed, she switched to the side of good and became Karone once again. Choosing to follow his adopted daughter, he was branded a traitor and was captured by Dark Specter’s forces. His long-time rival, Darkonda, took pleasure in wiping his mind and transforming him into a creature of pure evil, no longer caring for Astronema.

    As his campaign against the Space Rangers began to draw to a close, Ecliptor destroyed the Delta Megazord.

    Grieving the death of his adopted daughter, Ecliptor swore revenge against Andros, before his own swift death after the purification wave pulsed through the universe. Ecliptor died not knowing that Astronema survived and would later become a Power Ranger in her own right.



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    Much to Ecliptor's dislike, himself and Darkonda can fuse together to create Darkliptor. Combining their powers and minds into one body. However, when fused, Darkonda is in charge and the main personality that is seen.


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    Turning red after absorbing energy from the Power Rangers Megazords, Ecliptor went on a rampage, destroying the Delta Megazord and besting the Power Rangers single-handedly until the energy left his body.

    In this form his normal powers were amplified.

    Alternate Versions

    World of the Coinless

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    For more see Eclipta.

    This version of Ecliptor is known as Eclipta, a female version of the villain. Assumed to be an amalgamation of Astronema & Ecliptor, not much is known about who Eclipta is and her goal outside of being the back-up plan for Rita Replusa’s failures.

    Eclipta is actually the first comic version of Ecliptor to be seen in print, appearing before the main universes version in the comic as a main focus point.

    Other Media

    Video Games

    Power Rangers: Legacy Wars (2017)

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    Game Bio: Astronema's diabolical second-in-command. Ecliptor is danger personified, making even the bravest fight quake. Honorable and loyal, Ecliptor often finds himself at odds with the treacherous Darkonda and bumbling Elgar.


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