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    Eclipse Comics published comics from the late 1970’s until they folded in 1993. They were one of the larger independent comic publishers of the time and are notable for publishing classics such as Alan Moore's Miracleman.

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    Eclipse Comics published comics from the late 1970’s until they folded in 1993. Eclipse was one of the more successful independent direct market publishers during the 1980’s. Founded by Jan and Dean Mullaney.

    Some of their more well-known titles included the revival of Airboy, the final 2 issues of Alien Worlds, Alien Encounters, Aztec Ace, DNAgents, publishing Alan Moore's revival of British hero Marvelman under the name Miracleman for the American market and then continuing the story which had begun in the UK Warrior Magazine, Sabre by Don McGregor, and latter issues of Twisted Tales edited by Bruce Jones.



    • P.O. Box 1099, Forestville, CA 95436

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