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Eclair is a water-ninja from a fantasy realm and a member of the Magical Knights (魔術士, Majutsushi), though she also has phobia of men in general. For years she has been the loyal servant and guardian of the Pegasus Knight, princess Maria. She holds Maria in great esteem, and their mutual feelings eventually crossed into lesbian lovers.

The Magical Knights find Shadahl
The Magical Knights find Shadahl

When the Evil Sex Demon King Shadahl began abducting the women of the land to rape and dominate, Eclair joined Maria and the mage Miina to stop his plans of world domination. Shadahl was able to capture all three with his sexual powers. He first broke Miina, then began to do both Mari and Eclair together. However, Eclair passed on all her remaining strength to Maria so she could get the upper hand. Miina awake later, stole some of the life force from Shadahl and gave it to Eclair. Victory was in their hands and they were ready to drain the last of Shadahl's energies to kill him off, but he was saved my him bird-familiar Sara. His soul had been sent to another dimension to be reincarnated.

When maria chased after Shadahl on her own, Eclair believed that she had been smitten by his spell since she had taken in the most of his semen among the three in their battle. Eclair later followed Maria to Earth to save maria and kill Shadahl.


Power Play! JPN (Feb 2012)
Power Play! JPN (Feb 2012)

Eclair (エクレア , Ekurea) is a main character of the ero-manga series Power Play! that was created by Yamatogawa. It originally began publication by Akaneshinsha's TENMA Comics in 2011.

Her first appearance was in Power Play! Volume 1 CH. 0 "Power Play #0".

Major Story Arcs

Eclair found Maria at a mall on Earth with Sadaharu Imao, the human reincarnation of Shadahl. She trapped them both in a gigantic sphere of water to serve as their battleground. The water had stripped the two of their clothes. She imprisoned Sadahara in the water as she went to Maria and asked her to lick her as she always did. Eclair asked Maria why she was cheating on her with a man who was the reincarnation of Shadahl. She then bound Maria and swore to remove all that demons sperm from her with her own hand, and literally fisted Maria.

After Maria got off, Eclair turned to Sadaharu. There was a sudden flash of light and everyone was suddenly in swimsuits. Sadaharu tried to fight back, but Eclair used three water clones to screw him and drain him till he died. Her victory was thwarted when the familiar Sara appeared through a portal to portal to destroy the water clones and reveal that Sadaharu had written down all the Magical Knights weakness, including Eclair's phobia of men. To her surprise, Sadaharu was sympathetic since he had a phobia of women. He then asked if Eclair would have sex with him since he knew the next time he ejaculated he'd die, and he wanted his last time to be with someone like her. She agreed, and he did his best to try and give her pleasure. They both orgasmed together, but she used her healing magic to save his life. Miina then appeared with Sara captured.

Sadaharu offered to select his jailer
Sadaharu offered to select his jailer

Miina used her magic to transport them all into a world created inside the laptop of Sadaharu. This was to keep Sadaharu and Sara from getting free, but one of the Magical Knights had to remain to drain him of his semen every night for the rest of his life. However, Miina wanted to have sex with him before he made his choice. In the end, Sadaharu argued that he could convince Sara to give up world domination. Eclair and the rest of the knights watched from the side as Miina created the magical illusion Sara's first meetings with Sadaharu. Eventually he convinced the familiar that he wanted to be with just her and not harm anyone.

The Magical Knights agreed that those two could be trusted on Earth together, but they would be checking in on them occasionally.

Powers & Abilities

Energy Drain

A specialty of the magical Knights is the skill of Energy Drain. This is a skill that they use through sex to drain and absorb the life force of their opponent through ejaculation and semen.

Water Manipulation Magic

Eclair's water magic
Eclair's water magic

Eclair is a ninja who holds domain over the water element. She can manipulate all the water withing her area and moves and takes shape according to her will. It can be used both offensively and defensively.

Water Sphere

Eclair can manipulate the water withing the area to create a giant sphere of water that she can battle in and around. Enemies can also be imprisoned inside it, or bind the target's arms and legs while they are outside of the sphere.

Water Clones

Eclair's water clones
Eclair's water clones

The process of creating water clones for Eclair is through sacrificing a drop of blood into water. One drop can create a single clone. There can mimic the very feel of the human body during sexy, but being water can envelope a penis far tighter. These clones aren't limited by normal human limits either. While one is having sex, another clone can reach into the body of the other and grab the penis with it's hand and stroke him for even further stimulation. This also frees the user from any risk of being swayed by the opponent and still drain their life force.

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