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    Nina Damfino, also known as Echo, is one of the Riddler's henchwomen. She is always with her partner Diedre Vance, also known as Query. Echo has dark skin tone and short black hair.

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    Nina Damfino and Diedre Vance first started out as two biker women who robbed small, convenience stores. They did that for awhile until that one night when their lives changed forever. As they attempted to rob another store, they bumped into a stranger who was unfortunate to be there and forced him to surrender the goods. As the biker chicks pointed their guns to his head, little did they realize they were interrogating the Riddler who too was breaking in to the same store and was at the start of his criminal career. Before this, The Riddler was actually looking for some thugs that he could hire to do his bidding (But failed miserably) and after seeing these two "kindred souls", he saw potentials with these girls and immediately hired them. He named them Query and Echo.

    Skills and Abilities

    Echo has great combat skills and agile, much like Query too.

    Continuation and Additional Info

    Echo has not appeared in any new Batman issues for a long time. Very little is known about Echo due to her limited appearances. She and Query did however made a short comeback in the DC Comics: Origins Card game created by Upper Deck Entertainment. Their card number is DOR-076.


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