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    The young meta-human woman who goes by the hero persona of Echo was formerly a member of Booster Gold's Conglomerate. Echo has the ability to redirect energy or force at her assailants.

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    Echo is a young meta-human female character created by Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis, and Chris Sprouse. She was introduced in Justice League Quarterly #1 on December 1990 as part of the super-team called the Conglomerate.


    Part of the solution
    Part of the solution

    Terri Eckhart, alias Echo is a young woman gifted with the metahuman ability to rechannel waves of energy and project it back upon its sources as sound waves. She was an aspiring pop star when she was one of a few metahumans invited to join the corporate sponsored super-hero team, the Conglomerate. Based on Wall Street, the Conglomerate soon battled the Justice League of America after violating UN protocol by ousting the tyrannical leader of the nation of San Sebor. Taking the name Echo, Terri and her allies teamed-up with Justice League Europe to stop the devastating onslaught of the alien menace Despero.

    Sometime later the Conglomerate was recreated by the British hero named the Templar and Echo and her former teammate Reverb were recruited. Echo worked alongside other more established heroes such as the former Infinity Inc member Nuklon, and also the once Titan Jessie Quick. However, the current status of this Conglomerate is unknown; Jesse Quick is now a member of the JLA (For some time she operated as the new Liberty Belle in JSA), and Nuklon, now Atom Smasher on JSA All-Stars. Due to these events and where many of its members have ended up it appears that the team may have dissolved.

    Terri distinguished herself by being one of the super-heroes alive able to withstand a one-on-one combat with Amazo. Though she was not able to defeat Amazo without the help of her teammates, Terri's unique gifts succeeded in turning Amazo's own power against himself during a battle in Central Park.

    Power and Abilities

    Echo has the meta-human power of antipathy, which is sometimes called "Misdirection", this ability allows the character to absorb, direct and / or revert whatever force is directed towards the character back to the source, often at an intensified degree. Normally, this ability is shown redirecting energy projected towards the target back at the shooter or sometimes just away from causing harm to the user. Echo's name is derived from the sonar effect which her antipathy powers cause.

    She also has the ability of flight however her top speed, altitude, and distance has not been documented.


    • Height: 5'3"
    • Weight: 115 lbs.(52 kg)
    • Hair: Red
    • Eyes: Green

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