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Ebony Maw is probably the most dangerous of Thanos' lieutenants of the Black Order, not because of his physical power but his mental power. A seducer and manipulator, Ebony Maw is a psychological mastermind.

Ebony Maw was sent after Doctor Strange as part of Thanos' invasion. This helped Maw learn the secrets of the Illuminati as well as the location of Thanos' son Thane, who was an Inhuman.

When Maw discovered Thane, he had just been exposed to the Terrigen Bomb and released his Inhuman power - the power of death. Maw saw this is a great opportunity to be more powerful with Thane at his control than working with Thanos. Maw designed a suit to contain Thane's power but also trapped him in an energy field. Ebony Maw gave Thane to Thanos as tribute.

While Thanos and the Cull Obsidian were in battle with the Avengers, Maw released Thane from his field to save the world from Thanos and thus use his powers of death. After Thane incased Thanos in a state of 'living death,' Maw and Thane left Earth to begin their move across the universe.

Powers & Abilities

Ebony Maw is known as a Whisperer and is a master of seduction and manipulation. He is able to infect the mind with mind webs, leaving behind a spider-like possession in the mind. Once there, it can gain secrets and control minds into doing his bidding. He is also a shrewd tactical genius who can weave a slew of impressive strategy's to ensure his need to handle things physically are unnecessary, enabling him to use others for the brunt of his dirty work instead.

Ebony Maw is not one for physical confrontations. He equips himself with a powerful forcefield and teleportation technology.

Other Media


Tom Vaughan-Lawlor as Ebony Maw
Tom Vaughan-Lawlor as Ebony Maw

Tom Vaughan-Lawlor portrays Ebony Maw in the 2018's Avengers: Infinity War. As one of the Children of Thanos, Maw, alongside Black Dwarf is sent to Earth to take the Time Gem from Doctor Strange.

Unlike his comic-book counterpart, The Maw uses telekinesis to fight his opponents. Having great control over his powers, he is able to manipulate objects into different forms and shape with just the flick of his wrist.


He's one of the bosses in Marvel Avenger's Alliance, Facebook game.


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