Ebony Hide

    Character » Ebony Hide appears in 60 issues.

    An Elephant/Human hybrid created by MAPPO. Ebony works in the Information Agency with Hip Flask. He was born and raised to be a killing machine and is haunted by the memories of serving in Africa and the lives he took without mercy.

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    Like the other Elephantmen, Ebony Hide was created by Dr.Nikken and MAPPO in 2224. He was surgically implanted and horrifically extracted from a female human and was cruelly trained and molded into the perfect soldier. Along with Hip Flask, Ebony Hide and the rest of the Elephantmen were liberated by the UN and sent to be rehabilitated. During the UN's assault on MAPPO Ebony found his former trainer/tormentor attempting to flee. He crushes all the bones in his legs and arms before impaling him on his tusk and leaving him for dead. Ebony and Hip both get jobs at the Information Agency. At one point during his rehabilitation, Ebony attempts to hang himself only for the chain to break.


    Ebony Hide was created by Richard Starkings and artist Jose Ladronn.

    Major Story Arcs


    Ebony Hide meets a young girl named Savannah on the streets of Santa Monica, in the year 2259. She is fascinated by him and asks him all about his past while he flashes back to his terrible memories. Her mother arrives and screams at Ebony to stay away from her daughter. Ebony heads to his favorite restaurant, Koomeriah, where he is approached by a man who has information regarding Serenghetti. Ebony heads to Special Imports where Serengheti is waiting for him. He wants to kill and stuff Ebony for his client. Ebony goes into a blind rage or "musth" and releases a foul smelling sweat called Temporin from behind his ears. He goes berserk and kills all of Serengheti's men though he escapes.

    Ebony is treated at Saint Francis hospital alongside his partner Hip Flask. They are visited by Mike the cabbie and their boss from the IA Gruenwald. Ebony takes Miki around the hospital and tells her the tale of Tusk as they pass by his cell. Later on Ebony fights alongside Ebony and Trench in a gun fight with Serengheti's men. They watch as Trench carelessly kills one of the men after he refuses to speak.

    Ebony arrives to Venice beach with Vanity Chase in response to a meteor that crashed down in the area. Hip was at the scene when it happened and tells Ebony that the meteor was loaded with the FCN virus. Ebony takes Miki away from Trench who is running the Hazmat team and the quarantine, however, he unintentionally transfers the virus to Miki who faints when green liquid comes out of her nose. Trench finds them and assumes she has beaten the virus as she should be dead already. Ebony, Hip, Trench and Miki head to Saint Francis Hospital.

    Ebony later joins Hip and others at a funeral service for Tusk. Later while tending to his pet cats at his home, MAPPO activates a sleeper chip inside of Ebony's brain which turns him into a killing machine. He travels to the sewers and is attacked by some crocs. After savagely defeating the crocs MAPPO collects Ebony and returns him to his home, leaving him with no memory of what transpired.

    Powers & Abilities

    Ebony, like the other Elephantment, possesses immense strength and durability. MAPPO conditioned them to be resistant against almost every type of biological or chemical weapon known to man. Ebony, like all bull elephants, secretes a foul smelling musk during fits of extreme rage. This rage is known as "musth". MAPPO trained Ebony in several different forms of combat as he is proficient with firearms as well as swords.


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