Ebon Hawk

    Object » Ebon Hawk appears in 3 issues.

    A Dynamic-class freighter and smuggler ship that rose to fame due to its use around the time of the Jedi Civil War.

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    Ebon Hawk's schematics
    Ebon Hawk's schematics
    • Name: Ebon Hawk
    • Class: Freighter
    • Manufacturer: Core Galaxy Systems
    • Length: 24 m
    • Width: 22.5 m
    • Hyperdrive: Class 1
    • Max speed: 1,100 km (in atmosphere)
    • Armament: Dual turbolaser turret (dorsal), Dual turbolaser turret (underbelly), Dual heavy quad laser cannons
    • Crew: 1-3
    • Passengers: 8
    • Role: Transport
    • Owner(s): Davik Kang, Revan, Meetra Surik
    • Affiliation: Galactic Republic


    Knights of the Old Republic

    The Leviathan firing at the Ebon Hawk
    The Leviathan firing at the Ebon Hawk

    It was first associated with the Exchange, and moved owner to owner until it came to the hands of the amnesiac Revan. Then it became Revan's personal starship and used it to search and destroy the Star Forge. After the Jedi Civil War Revan left Republic space, his companions and the Ebon Hawk and traveled to the Unknown Regions.

    The Sith Lords

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    Eventually the ship reappeared five years after the Jedi Civil War and was retrieved by the Republic Hammerhead-class cruiser, Harbinger. Days later the Harbinger received a distress signal from a ship under attack by a Sith warship. The Harbinger boarded both ships and found dead bodies including that of Darth Sion. When the Sith Lord woke, the ship was hijacked by Sith Assassins. An HK-50 series assassin droid stowed itself in the Ebon Hawk's cargo hold and escaped with the Ebon Hawk, holding Meetra Surik, T3-M4, Kreia and another utility droid, 3C-FD.

    The hijacked Harbinger opened fire at the freighter until it jumped to hyperspace. The ship's engines and hyperdrive are dead and the ship is drifting in space around the asteroid fields of Peragus II. T3-M4 tried to repair the Ebon Hawk with the help of 3C-FD. They managed to land the freighter in the hangar of the Peragus Mining Facility.


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