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    Easy Reader is a character who was created and portrayed by actor Morgan Freeman in a television show called "The Electric Company" and was also frequently seen in "Spidey Super Stories."

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    The Electric Company

    Easy Reader made his first debut during the very first episode, as a carefree, jive talking, open-spirit hippie with a reading addiction. He's most recognizable for wearing his signature shades, though he lacks them at times. His name came from his love for literature and phonics, even having his own theme song to his name. Easy Reader, that's my name! Uh, uh, uhhh! As long as it has words on it, Easy would never turn down the opportunity, whether it be a matchbook or a dollar bill. He even goes so far as to begging for print. Sometimes, whenever he's to appear on the scene, a funky jazz bass plays on cue. After season 2 aired, Easy gained a new wardrobe (which he wears throughout the entire show), consisting of a red turtle sweater, a brown jean jacket with matching bellbottoms, some ridiculous stickers, but still keeping the shades. As for relationships, he is a friend to the entire cast. During the earlier seasons, he mainly associated with Stanley the Word Board, and Vi. With the debut of season 4, we are introduced to Easy's current girlfriend, Valerie the librarian (played by Hattie Winston). Although, before Valerie joined the cast, Easy just flirted with any female character he came in contact with, especially Vi. Easy Reader has been one of the most favorite and memorable characters.

    Spidey Super Stories Comic

    Although Easy's character is as toned down as everyone else, he is still a lovable cast member. His wardrobe is the same as worn on the show, but blue, also adding a feathered hat with a heart in the center. Aside from his love for reading, he is shown to have other interests, such as going to parties and helping children. He mainly loves spending free time with The Electric Company cast. Unlike his TV counterpart, his relationship with Valerie is written out more of a friendship than romantic. He is also a devoted teammate/faithful partner to his best friend, Spider-Man, and possibly to Peter Parker as well. Easy Reader has appeared in more issues out of all TEC characters.


    In Earth X #7 while the Hulk and Bruce Banner are traveling through The Land of the Dead they pass by a group of superhumans who all believe that the people who are still alive are the ones that are dead and are in mourning over their losses. Amongst them is Easy Reader, who claims that Print is dead. Though he has not been seen since, Easy Reader is presumed to either still be residing in The Land of the Dead, or in The Paradise.


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