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I have absolutely no idea what I just read.

When this particular book was suggested to me it was said to be very "Hickman" and after reading it you could replace "Hickman" with indecipherable and have no problems. You see when you read a book that is the opening arc to a creator owned series you should A) At the very minimum care about at least one of the characters and B) Have some type of grasp on how the world works. I did neither, the characters were confusing and somewhat bland and the world was confusing and somewhat bland.

(Spoilers ahead) So the basic premise is that around the civil war something happened and America formed a truce with a couple of counties. Apparently China gets a part of America for some reason, I don't know why but it happened. So you have an America that was shaped into a country that Hickman needed for his story. You also have some cult that apparently knows everything that will happen but only one of them knows how to decipher the weird chants about "The Message" here is one particular message "Of the third, but not of the three. A cup, of a cup. A chalice, of a chalice." See, indecipherable right?

Onto the characters that live in this world, you have the four housemen of the apocalypse. Death being the main character of East of West who is confusing to say the least. See a big chunk of this book focuses on Death and a Chinese princess who fall in love because she kills someone in front of him. Which makes little sense to me but maybe someone else gets why that makes sense, feel free to explain it to me. You also have to native american witches following Death, the three other Horsemen who are now kids (I don't get why), and the cult members. The witches never talk, the other Horsemen are all pretty much the same personality wise as far as I can tell, and we only see one cult member be interesting.

Now, the art is pretty fantastic with some fine coloring. So props there people who make this book, just work on the writing please, it needs help.

1/5 because the writing was confusing and got great art wasted on it. I do not recommend this at all, to anyone.


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