Earthling J.J. Catingsworth the 3rd

    Character » Earthling J.J. Catingsworth the 3rd appears in 6 issues.

    Earthing is a cat who has the ability to become anything, a tool, a weapon, anything his owner Joe can come up with.

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    Earthling is the cat companion of Joe. Equal parts friend and tool, he has exhibited a seemly endless arrey of abilities. He is also incrediblly intelligant, able to grasp complex concepts and preform dificult tasks with out Joe's help.

    To activate many of his abilites a special serum is required. Joe's carried belts with syringes full of the serum to be ready for every occasion.

    Some non-combat abilities we have witnessed;

    • Turning into a grappeling hook.
    • Acting as a flash light
    • Turning into a wind-up skateboard
    • Duplicate a key
    • Produce a parachute to slow falls
    • Preform an autopsy

    Earthing is also a fiece fighter and his changing abilities give him amazing fighting skills. Some manuvers we have seen include:
    • Turning into a ball and ramming opponants
    • Breathing Fire
    • Cutting 100s of objects in a multi-block area in half

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