Team » Earthbenders appears in 11 issues.

    Earthbenders learned Earthbending from Badgermoles.

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    They said that Badgermoles are the very first Earthbenders. They are gigantic animals that looks like a badger and a mole. Badgermoles use Earthbending to make tunnels and caves and travel underground. They are usually blind but use they use there Earthbending to feel the ground and see. Toph learned from Badgermoles when she ran away and hid in a cave. They said that Badgermoles loves music.

    Humans learned earthbending by copying Badgermoles that lived in the mountains and caves in the Earth Kingdom. Earthbenders use there strength and defense to defeat there opponents. There attacks usually have to do with levitating any type of mineral rocks. They usually kick or punch them to there opponents making them fly across to there opponent. They can levitate rocks as shields or make houses out of them. When they hit the ground with there feet or fists can create earthquakes to make there opponents unbalanced. Earthbending Masters can turn solid ground to quicksand to paralyze an enemy. They choose to be barefooted to increase their connection with the ground. Earthbenders can not onle bend rocks or soil. An Earthbender can use other earth substances such as sand, crystals and coal. Toph can also bend metal because of the unfermented rocks that the metal contain.

    Sandbenders are the same as Earthbenders, they just adapted to the desert. They manipulate sand with incredible strength. They can move quickly in the desert on wooden sailboats that are propelled by sand bending. Because sand is a sediment, there style usually resembles waterbending. though the Sandbenders of the Desert are especially proficient with it due to their particular habitat.


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