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After the events of last issue Galactus (Franklin Richards) has arrived on Earth and is planning to destroy the unborn Celestial growing inside of Earth's core...much to the displeasure of The Fifth Celestial Host who were already in New York when he arrived. As Galactus tries to set up his machine he comes under attack from The Celestials and thankfully is protected by his Heralds: Norrin Radd and Shalla Bal. It is not long before the Atlanteans join in the fight and it is during this time that Nezarr the Calculator murders Shalla Bal.

Enraged by the loss of Shalla Bal, Galactus kills Nezarr and then Gammenon the Gather who tries beating Galactus to death with his Gathering Rod. The resulting explosion created by Gammenon's death knocks Galactus out and it is then that The Asgardians who believed Loki when he told them that they were not truly Gods come to face off against their true creators.

But it ends in disaster as Arishem the Judge forces the Asgardians to believe they all are dead with the exception of Loki who is trying to fight their manipulative telepathic hold over him. Galactus recovers while The Celestials attention is focused on Loki and takes out Jemiah the Analyzer and Eson the Searcher. This prompts the other Celestials to flee while they still can but there is still a problem.

Galactus has expended too much energy during his fight with The Celestials and must feed. Reed Richards, the former Mr. Fantastic and the father of this Galactus, begs him not to destroy Earth. However inside Richards is filled with anguish as he cannot even tell his own son that he is Galactus lest he wishes for The Celestials to become the Masters of Creation.

Galactus agrees not to destroy Earth and just removes the unborn Celestial instead. Ascending into the Heavens, Galactus says his goodbyes and tells Reed that they will not meet again. Sometime later after the first "Human Torch" has been constructed, Captain America makes a speech about how Humanity will never again let other races like The Celestials subjegate and manipulate them ever again. Also Reed sees a vision of the Captain Mar-Vell/Captain Universe composite entity known as "Marvel Universe" who tells him that he is going to be reborn and that all that has just happened is only the beginning of something much larger.


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