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Earth Strike was created by writer Judd Winick and drawn by artist Ben Oliver. He first appeared in Batwing #1.

Major Story Arcs


After being tipped off by Blood Tiger, Batwing comes across a room full of butchered drug dealers, amongst them was the empty wallet (with I.D) and the mutilated body of one Dede Yeboah. Initial research in The Haven lead Batwing and Batman to believe he was simply an agricultural attache who had been missing for three days previous to his death. However after some more digging with the assistance of his computers and Matu Ba, an encrypted military file revealed his secret persona as Earth Strike.

Nothing is know of Earth Strike's past save his involvement in creating the African superhero group, The Kingdom. Batwing claims after heroes starting appearing around the globe, Earth Strike alongside the rest of The Kingdom were amongst the first to arise to protect Africa. Batwing also mentions how they "ended the revolution and freed our country". However, after working as a superhero for around five years, Dede alongside The Kingdom disappeared for unknown reasons.


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