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    Giant robot that used to fight Nova.

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    The Earth-Shaker is a giant mechanoid of destruction created by Tyrannus and his Subterraneans. Tyrannus planned to use Earth-Shaker to bury the largest metropolitan cities and trap them in his underground realm. The cities and its occupants would be helpless in the darkness and Tyrannus would conquer them all with his army. The Earth-Shaker would reach the surface world and Tyrannus is confronted by the man called Nova. Tyrannus orders his Subterraneans to subdue Nova but they fail. Nova is unable to penetrate the Earth-Shaker's armor and then he gets hit by two rocket propelled power drills. The Earth-Shaker grabs the human rocket with his massive claw and becomes a prisoner inside the metal leviathan. Nova is held captive while the Earth-Shaker begins to build caves and caverns around the city. Tyrannus would restrain Nova in some metal bindings and tie his life force into Earth-Shaker's generators. Nova's life force is slowly being drained and used to feed the mechanized monster. Nova uses his remaining strength to vibrate so much that it allows him to break free. Nova speeds toward the giant machine and smashes one of his arms. Nova goes underground and digs his own tunnel with his super powers. Nova reappears behind the Earth-Shaker and breaks through his armor to take down Tyrannus.


    Earth-Shaker was created by Marv Wolfman, Sal Buscema and Tom Palmer in 1976 and first appeared in The Man Called Nova # 5.

    Abilities & Weapons

    The Earth-Shaker was a seventy foot tall mechanized, metal being equipped with one massive claw as his left hand and a giant drill bit for his right hand. The Earth-Shaker also had a giant drill on its forehead and could shoot two rocket propelled power drills from its chest. The Earth-Shaker was manually controlled by one pilot and could carry dozens of Subterraneans inside its metal hull.


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