Earth One

    Concept » Earth One appears in 27 issues.

    A series of original graphic novels, retells the "earliest adventures" of DC's characters in a 21st Century setting.

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    NOTE: Earth-One was originally Sliver Age DC Comics mainstream universe, until after Flashpoint which was change to Earth-0 (Prime Earth).

    Originally conceived as a new series of graphic novels existing in a new continuity, on a new Earth, separated from the current the New 52 continuity, this would be reversed in the Multiversity Guidebook, where the Earth One universe, still in formation, was revealed as the universe where all the events of the graphic novels happens:

    "This freshly created universe is still cooling and yet unformed. Earth One's known super beings - Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the Teen Titans - are at the beginning of their careers. Time and space are still pliable, and nothing here is certain".

    Multiversity Guidebook, page 29, January 2015.

    List of Comics

    2010Superman: Earth One, Vol. 1J. Michael Straczynski
    2012Batman: Earth One, Vol. 1Geoff Johns
    Superman: Earth One, Vol. 2J. Michael Straczynski
    2014Teen Titans: Earth One, Vol. 1Jeff Lemire
    2015Superman: Earth One, Vol. 3J. Michael Straczynski
    Batman: Earth One, Vol. 2Geoff Johns
    2016Wonder Woman: Earth One, Vol. 1Grant Morrison
    Teen Titans: Earth One, Vol. 2Jeff Lemire
    2018Green Lantern: Earth One, Vol. 1Gabriel Hardman & Corinna Bechko
    Wonder Woman: Earth One, Vol. 2Grant Morrison
    2020Green Lantern: Earth One, Vol. 2Gabriel Hardman & Corinna Bechko
    2021Wonder Woman: Earth One, Vol. 3Grant Morrison
    Batman: Earth One, Vol. 3Geoff Johns

    Complete Collections

    Batman: Earth One
    Wonder Woman: Earth One

    Other appearances

    2015The Multiversity #2
    2018Justice League #33
    2019Lex Luthor: Year of the Villain #1
    2020Dial H for Hero #10

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