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    Former hockey player, trained by Wolverine who helped him find his totem, Shaman now guides him in the mystic arts.

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    The first person to be called Earthmover was a geologist named Jeanne Chretien. She was empowered with earth manipulation powers by the "firefountain", a device used by Loki to empower normal humans. Unfortunately, that empowerment took away their imagination in the process. Her powers were removed when Those Who Sit Above decided that Loki's gift was being forced on those who were empowered by the firefountain. Chuck Moss was invited by Shaman to train as a member of Alpha Flight. Shaman asked him to postpone his visit for a few days as he had business to take care of. That business was a former shaman that had come back in demon form to control the new mystic. Shaman, along with Wolverine, managed to free Sasquatch, Puck, and Snowbird from the demon's influence. They destroyed it and made preparations for Moss' visit. Chuck gave up his dream of playing pro hockey to fulfill the obligation that his father had nominated him for. He had been told from a very young age that he lived in a supernatural world. Shaman explained that this was a gift. At this point, Shaman had Wolverine take over his training. Wolverine began to teach him Bushido, the way of the warrior. He taught him many skills from sensing his surroundings to swordplay. He drilled discipline into the novice mystic. He taught him to be aware of his surroundings and to control his self-doubt. He even helped him overcome his fear of heights.  As his skills progressed to a higher level, he was instructed to enter a cave and bury his hand in the ground to discover his totem. Shortly after entering the cave, he senses he isn't alone and sees multiple giant spirit bears with him and they attack. When dawn arrives he is awakened by Wolverine, who instructs him to remove his hand to see his totem. It's the worm totem, which means he is an Earthmover. As Wolverine departs leaving Earthmover to ponder his totem, Wolverine tries again to touch the Elk that got away the first time he had attempted to sneak up on it. He notices that Earthmover is already standing beside the Elk with his hand placed on it. Wolverine smiles, knowing the training by him is complete. 


    Earth-Mover is a Marvel comics character created by  Matt Nixon and Ethan Van Sciver. Earth-Mover first appears in Wolverine #179 released in 2002

    Major Story Arcs

    Next Mission

    His next mission with Alpha Flight involves taking custody of all the children at Xavier's Mansion. During the fight, he uses his magic to hold back Juggernaut. His earth elementals do a reasonably good job, also, as they manage to bring Juggernaut down for quite a while. Unfortunately for Chuck and the rest of Alpha Flight, their efforts are stymied by the involvement of Xavier's lawyer.  

    Recently when he, along with the rest of Alpha Flight, investigated a potential Plodex attack, they were all captured except for Sasquatch. Sasquatch led an all new, all different Alpha Flight strike force he had assembled and freed his companions. The newly freed Alphans decided to transport the Plodex eggs back to the Plodex home world to give them a chance to build a fresh civilization. He along with the rest of the team returned home, but Earthmover's current whereabouts are unknown. 

    The Collective

    Earth-Mover was not with the rest of Alpha Flight when they fought, and were killed by, The Collective.

    Powers and Abilities

    Chuck Moss has vast innate magical abilities and earth manipulation powers. He has been called the natural equivalent of an omega level mutant. His magical powers give him influence over virtually all earthly things, as all things come from the earth.  He had Shaman's pouch, also, for a time.  He doesn't currently seem to have it as Talisman has been seen with it since. He has been trained in martial arts and survival skills by Wolverine. 
    Physical Characteristics  
    Height: 6'7" 
    Weight: 252 lbs
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Blue

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