Earth Girl

    Character » Earth Girl appears in 10 issues.

    Earth Girl began her superhero career following the death of the original Brute Force team.

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    The team members Brute Force: Major Battle and Moe Muscle had been eaten by a giant monster on Radiation Island. Because of the strange process that gave the two heroes powers, the monster exploded upon digestion.

    These deaths caused the only surviving member, Max Damage, to hold a recruitment drive to audition potential new members. After wading through the worst and most useless Legion of Superheroes rejects; such as Wood Boy, Water Lad, Metal Man and Bubble Boy. He decided on a new roster for Brute Force; Earth Girl, Rubber Guy, Beast Boy and Feezle to make up the new Brute Force.

    The new Brute Force's first mission was to find two missing SOS members, Radical and Warhawk, who had been abducted by the God Squad and sent to the other dimensional realm of Godworld. Brute Force’s first mission went well because the strange planet was accidentally blown up by Kill-Cat's partner Kid Avenger.

    She later died when Universo chose to eat the Earth.


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