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Earth 7 was a world that shared many characteristics with earth-8, including history and super champions but with subtle differences. For example Thunderer and Wundajin were the same individual but were from different races in each world.

However everything ended when the Gentry attacked and twisted the universe defeating their heroes. Billions of people and hundreds of super heroes perished, the world surviving as a mere shell of what it once was. Where there was intelligence and vibrancy, now only madness and death remains. The laws of physics shattered, Earth-7’s reality has been twisted and corrupted. Only Thunderer, the storm god incarnated survived thanks to the well-timed appearance of Last Monitor Nix Uotan.

Earth-7 is supposed to be analog to Ultimate Marvel comics Universe. In some alternate universes (earth-16) they are published under the Essential Major comics banner.

In Multiversity: The Just, Offspring (from earth-16) revealed than there existed a team of Essential Retaliators who died during the Essential Genocide crossover event along with Essential versions of the Future Family, the Bug and the G-Men.


Earth-7Earth-8Homaged character
CrusaderAmerican CrusaderCaptain America
MachineheadMachineheadIron Man
Doc FutureFrank Future ("Doc" Future?)Mr Fantastic
WalküreWalküre?Angela?/Ms. Marvel?
DevilfistUnknownHellboy (DHC character)
Essential RetaliatosRetaliatorsUltimates

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