Concept » Earth-41 appears in 10 issues.

    An alternate universe, where its inhabitants seems to be the image of what different creators concive as heroes.

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    Earth 41 was designed by Grant Morrison to resemble 90's Image comics universe. Recently, elements from early Wildstorm imprint has been added to this universe.

    Description & History

    A dark and often violent world, the nations and communities of Earth-41 vary greatly, existing largely independent of each other and standing united as a world only during rare times of great peril. Perhaps unsurprisingly, much the same can be said of its heroes, who all differ greatly in their look, philosophy and interests. In fact, one could say that it’s almost as if each one was dreamt up by a different individual to represent their image of an ideal super hero.

    How else to explain how the gruff, blue collar Dino-Cop’s workaday approach to preserving the peace could come to coexist alongside the bleak, otherworldly operations of Spore, Earth-41’s “necro floral” avenger? Along with the Nimrod Squad—made up of hard-light archer Fletch, the stone-with-a-soul Flintstein, actress-turned-hero Vague and more—they protect their people and their planet from threats that are almost as varied as they are, occupying a somewhat eclectic, but still unified corner of the Multiverse.

    Justice League Incarnate.

    The heroes of earth 41 had to group together when the enemy of Spore, the Annihilator, took control of a multiversal crack. Even with the help of the WildCATs, the Wetworks and the Cyborg Corps, they could not stop the creature. Only when Darkseid attacked, he apparentely destroyed the being. and stole the power of the crack.


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