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    World of Mash up heroes. Home of the Justice Titans, a team than includes Bat-Lantern, SuperMartian, WonderHawk, Black Arrow, and Aquaflash.

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    Earth-32 originally was based in the elseworlds OGN In Darkest Knight. Post Flashpoint it was re-imagined as an amalgamated universe were mash-up versions of DC characters exists. Some concepts has been previously existed, as a Super-Martian antecedent, a Superman-Martian Manhunter combination (Superman: The Man of Steel #92 - Secret Origins, Part 4: Cogito Ergo Doom!) and a Team called Justice Titans (Superman/Batman #60 - Mash Up, Part 1) but with a totally different members roster. Others characters were created for the Multiversity guidebook and made their debut in the series.


    Earth-32 is a fascinating world of opposite reactions and unique amalgams. Here, super hero powers and histories have collided and transformed to create a different and powerful force known as the Justice Titans.

    Bruce Wayne has been chosen by the Lantern Corps as Earth-32's Green Lantern. As the Bat-Lantern he combines his detective skills and his power ring to instill fear in the hearts of villains. He fights evil alongside his Justice Titans teammates, each of whom represents a combination of two familiar super heroes: Black Arrow (Green Arrow/ Black Canary) is a fierce fighter and archer, Wonderhawk (Wonder Woman/ Hawkman or Hawkgirl) wields both a spiked mace and her faithful Golden Lasso, Aquaflash (Aquaman/Flash) is the speedster of the sea, and Super-Martian possesses super strength and telepathic abilities. Is open to speculation how the origins stories of these characters combine.


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