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    Earth-30 is depicted mostly in the 1950s, an era when the race for dominance between the USA and USSR had begun. Up till 1950, Earth-30 is nearly identical to the Golden Age Earth-2 or New Earth; however the turning point occurs in 1953 when the Soviet Union reveals its secret weapon that virtually ends the nuclear arms race: Superman. On Earth-30, the infant Kal-El’s spaceship lands on a Ukrainian collective farm instead of Kansas as depicted in nearly all Superman mythos. Earth-30’s rotation placed Ukraine in the ship's path instead of Kansas.

    Superman: Red Son
    Superman: Red Son

    With the revelation of the most powerful being on Earth on the side of the USSR, Josef Stalin becomes a revered figure in all political circles and Russia is being viewed by the world as the only superpower. This causes a major shift during the Cold War and turns the ongoing nuclear arms race into a super-being arms race. It leads to panic in the United States and in attempts to get ahead of Russia in the super-beings arms race, the CIA employs the services of S.T.A.R. Labs scientist and super-genius Lex Luthor, who stops at nothing to devise schemes to create the perfect deterrent for Superman. Meanwhile, Josef Stalin is killed by cyanide poisoning ordered by his illegitimate son and Chief of NKVD Pyotr Roslov due to his jealousy and disgruntlement for Stalin’s support of Superman.

    America attempts to utilize Luthor’s Bizarro clone of Superman to challenge him in a duel. However it causes an accidental nuclear missile launch in Great Britain, which is thwarted after the self-sacrifice of Bizarro Superman. This event, coupled with Superman’s visible heroism and the near nuclear holocaust that led to damage in London with high civilian casualties cause a breach in Anglo-American relations. This has caused major disruptions in the diplomatic ties of America with the rest of the world, which now supports the Soviet Union under the command of Superman.

    1970s & the Global Soviet Union:

    Moscow of the Global Soviet Union
    Moscow of the Global Soviet Union

    By 1978, events in Earth-30 have diverged greatly. Under Superman’s command, the (Global) Soviet Union has grown without resorting to war, and has virtually eliminated poverty, disease and the like. There are no references to Soviet interventions in East Germany (1953), Hungary (1956), or Czechoslovakia (1968), implying that Soviet prosperity has spread to its satellites, and mitigated the existence of dissident movements in those societies. The cost of this progress is an increased infringement on individual liberties, with Superman fast becoming a Big Brother-like figure. A brain surgery technique that turns dissidents into obedient drones, or "Superman Robots", is in use.

    Meanwhile in America, John F. Kennedy is president of the United States, having succeeded the tragically slain Richard Nixon, who won the 1960 election but was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, during 1963. Luthor has devised and executed several plans to thwart Superman, none of which have worked. Only the United States and Chile remain independent from the Soviets, and both are on the brink of political collapse, while President Kennedy is forced to grant independence to Georgia (an ironic reference to the real-world Soviet State of the same name), and he acknowledges that there have been similar secessionist pressures in Detroit and Texas, riots in California, and even a "communist sympathizer" terrorist attack on the White House.

    2000s and The Final Battle

    By the year 2001, Earth-30 is under the domination of the Global Soviet Union, encompassing all countries except for the divided remnants of the United States of America. The civil war of 1986 caused the secession of sixteen states from the union. Within the Soviet sphere of influence there is no crime, no poverty, no unemployment, but ever present state authority. The "Superman Robot" operation is a common punishment for dissent. Superman is committed to "winning the argument" with the U.S., and repeatedly refuses Brainiac's suggestions of an invasion. His sole failure remains Stalingrad, now contained within a protective glass "bottle" (similar to Kandor in the mainstream continuity) which is ravaged by a green microscopic organism bearing resemblance to a sheep louse.

    Meanwhile, Luthor wins the American presidency, with Jimmy Olsen as his running-mate. Using his scientific expertise, massive economic capital and dictatorial powers, he returns prosperity to his country, overcoming the secession that had sundered the United States fifteen years beforehand. This is only a part of a more general plan to provoke Superman into invading America so that he can be destroyed. Luthor shows Olsen two of his greatest discoveries. One is the Phantom Zone, a place that super-hearing cannot reach. The second is the birth of the Green Lantern Corps, the result of the eighteen years required to decipher the 24-word code in order to activate the ring (the Green Lantern Oath). Also, First Lady Lois Luthor visits Themyscira to forge an alliance with the Amazon empire, now ruled by a much older, now embittered and vengeful Wonder Woman.

    After Luthor’s penultimate attempt to confront Superman, Brainiac finally convinces Superman of taking over America. Superman attacks the East Coast after defeating the onslaught of the Green Lantern Marine Corps, the Amazon forces, and a collection of Luthor’s "super-menaces" (including Atomic Skull, Parasite and Doomsday). Brainiac's spaceship cuts the U.S. Pacific fleet to pieces, and the two superbeings meet at the White House, where Lois Luthor waits with the last weapon, a small note written by Lex that manages to break the Comrade of Steel's resolve. Realizing he has meddled in affairs that he had no place in, Superman orders Brainiac to end the occupation. However Brainiac shows his true colors by attacking Superman with green radiation (similar to green kryptonite). Brainiac is defeated after being shut-down by Luthor, who apparently evaded surgery during the invasion, allowing Superman to destroy it. This triggers a fail-deadly self-destruct in Brainiac's ship threaten. Superman rockets it into outer space, where it explodes. Superman is believed to have been killed in the explosion.

    Collapse of the Soviet Union

    With Superman’s apparent death, the Soviet Union falls into chaos, but is soon brought back under control thanks to the Batmen (resistance members who began wearing the costume after Batman's death). Lex Luthor integrates many of Superman's and Braniac's ideas into the new philosophy of "Luthorism" and forms a “Global United States”. Earth-30 enters an unprecedented age of peace and stability. A benevolent world government is formed and maintained with Luthor presides over a string of scientific achievements, including the curing of all known disease, and colonization of the solar system.

    Lex Luthor lives for over two thousand years. At his funeral, it is revealed that Superman survived and is apparently immortal, although this is unknown to Lois, who has outlived her husband. Superman fades into the crowd dressed identically to the Clark Kent of mainstream continuity, planning to live among the humans rather than ruling over them.

    Destruction of Earth-30

    Billions of years in the future, it is revealed that Earth is being torn apart by tidal stresses from the sun, which has become a red giant. Luthor's then & last descendant, Jor-L (whose intellect exceeded that of even his beloved ancestor) and his wife Lara send their infant son, Kal-L, rocketing back into the past. Kal-L’s timeship lands in a Ukrainian collective in 1938, effectively causing a predestination paradox.




    Kal-L aka Superman of Earth-30 is the last survivor of his race from a dying planet. As revealed in the closing pages of Red Son, Kal-L was sent back to Earth in a timeship by his parents Jor-L and Lara from billions of years of Earth-30’s future, when Earth-30 is being torn apart by tidal stresses from the sun after it has become a red giant. Kal-L arrives on Earth-30 in 1938 as his rocket timeship lands on a Ukranian collective farm. As is common with all Superman mythos, Kal-L was raised by farmers and taught basic values and morals, but with a more Communist and pro-Russia approach whilst on Earth-30.

    Superman of Earth-30 is kind hearted and just; strictly dedicated to the cause of communism. Kal-Ls sense of patriotism towards “mother Russia” eventually leads him to dedicating himself as the Champion of the common worker who fights a “never-ending battle for Stalin, socialism, and the international expansion of the Warsaw Pact.” Kal-L’s “secret identity" (i.e. the name his adoptive parents gave him) is a state secret.

    Earth-30 Superman bears a strong resemblances to the “Golden Age” Earth-2 Superman such as the name Kal-L and powers, effectively depicting Earth-30 as the “Russian reimagining” of the Golden Age Earth-2. Like Kal-L of Earth-2, Superman of Earth-30 is also extremely powerful, with a number of super-abilities including classics such as super-strength, super-hearing & sight, flight, and heat vision. Superman is also much more intelligent than the average human and is something of a “super-scientist.” His only weakness is artificially generated “red sun radiation”, which reduces him to a normal ‘human’ threat level.

    Lex Luthor:

     President Lex with first Lady Lois & VP Olsen
    President Lex with first Lady Lois & VP Olsen

    Lex Luthor is an American scientist employed by S.T.A.R. Labs and a super-genius who is very well aware of his intellect with very little regard for lesser minds. Much like other versions, Lex Luthor of Earth-30 is quite arrogant at his brilliance and is seeking recognition around the world for his genius. Upon the revelation by Stalin of Superman, Luthor starts devising schemes to destroy Superman even before the US government or the CIA contacts him to create a deterrent. Such attempts included collecting DNA of Superman to create a Bizarro clone, aligning with Braniac, providing support to the to an anarchist terrorist network in Russia headed by the Batman to attempt a coup, and recruiting soldiers to wield the light of the Green Lantern Corps. In the process, Luthor also succeeds in becoming the President of the United States and using his intellect to improve the conditions of America after Russia’s near global domination.

    Lois Lane Luthor:

    On Earth-30, Lex Luthor is married to Lois Lane, who is constantly overshadowed and ignored by Lex’s obsession of destroying Superman. In an attempt to gain Superman’s DNA, Lex Luthor causes Sputnik 2 to plummet towards Metropolis. As Luthor predicted, Superman arrives in time to divert its course and save Metropolis. In the process, he meets Lois Luthor, and though there is immediate romantic tension between them, they do not pursue their mutual attraction as Lois is married. Being ignored by her husband causes her to long for someone as noble as Superman. Eventually Lois Luthor succeeds Perry White as the editor-in-chief of a failing Daily Planet, and later as the First Lady after Lex Luthor wins the Presidency of the United States.


     Anarchist Batman
    Anarchist Batman

    The Batman of Earth-30 was orphaned as a boy by Pyotr Roslov, Chief of the NKVD, after his parents were found trying to create an anarchist movement against Stalin’s government. Fueled by the hatred and desire of vengeance from his parent’s death, this unnamed child grows up to become the head of an anarchist terrorist network that sees the abundance forced upon the people by Superman's system as little more than oppression. Their persistent success in avoiding capture is a thorn in Superman's side. Batman joins forces with Lex Luthor to attempt a coup against Superman’s government. Batman lures Superman into a trap after kidnapping Wonder Woman where he drains his powers using artificial red sun radiation. With his powers drained, Batman unleashes himself on Superman till Wonder Woman breaks free and rescues Superman. Batman commits suicide to avoid capture by triggering a bomb inside his chest, thus becoming a martyr to the cause and inspiring his fellow resistance members to don Batman’s costume, being known as the Batmen.

    This version of Batman wears a Soviet-style version of the traditional Batsuit, with army-surplus equipment for his utility belt and a padded, fur-lined cowl to guard against the bitter Russian winter.

    Wonder Woman

     Wonder Woman
    Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman is depicted with the same origins as New Earth, however she is attracted towards Russia mostly due to the presence of Superman. She first meets Superman at a diplomatic party held by Stalin. Wonder Woman was invited as a distinguished guest and representative of Themiscarya. Her fondness of Superman grows over the years as she forms an alliance with Superman, using their superpowers to save lives in addition to their ambassadorial and governing duties. While Wonder Woman has fallen in love, Superman merely considers her as a comrade, and is oblivious to her love for him. Her affections for Superman nearly led to his downfall after she was kidnapped by Batman and Pyotr Roslov through a plan orchestrated by Luthor. Seeing as how Superman is at his weakest, Wonder Woman breaks free and rescues Superman, although the process (which requires severing her golden lasso) seriously injures her and causes her hair to become white. While she recovered from her injuries, the strain causes her to become near-catatonic, resulting in her withdrawal from active public life and partnership with Superman.

    Wonder Woman is seen much later in the future as the Amazon empire is offered an alliance with America by First Lady Lois Luthor. At that time, Wonder Woman is much older, bitter and vengeful. She leads the Amazon Forces against Superman’s attack on the East Coast, but are quickly defeated.

    James Olsen

    Agent James Olsen is affiliated with the CIA and is Lex Luthor’s primary contact with the CIA. When Superman is first revealed by the USSR, Olsen contacts Luthor to devise a deterrent against Superman. Thanks to Olsen, Luthor is able to obtain Superman’s genetic material from the downed Sputnik-2 satellite, thus helping Luthor use the traces of DNA to create a Bizarro clone of Superman. In the later years, Luthor chooses Olsen as his running mate during his successful campaign for the US Presidency. As Luthor’s confidante, Olsen is made aware of the Phantom Zone and the Green Lantern.


    After gaining Superman’s genetic material from the downed Sputnik-2 satellite, Luthor uses the traces of DNA to create a Bizarro clone of Superman. Bizarro engages in a duel against Superman, which causes an accidental nuclear missile launch in Great Britain. The clone, which has been made too much like Superman, sacrifices itself to save millions, while saying "Hello everybody, me very pleased to meet you" (which in Bizarro speak possibly means "Goodbye everybody me very sad to leave you"). Superman's visible heroism and the accidental nuclear missile launch coupled with damage in London resulting in high civilian casualties cause a breach in Anglo-American relations.

    Lana Lazarenko

    Lana Lazarenko is the Earth-30 version of Lana Lang. Similar to other Earths, Lana is the childhood sweetheart of Superman and while loving him dearly, decides not to come between his true calling of “the never ending battle”. However, this decision indirectly affects her later as she (like many others) suffers along with her children during Stalin’s rule. Her chance meeting with Superman after Stalin’s death makes him realize that his powers could be used for a greater good, and assumes command of the country in order to transform it into a utopia.

    Pyotr Roslov

    Pyotr Roslov is the Chief of the NKVD and Stalin’s illegitimate son. Pyotr is jealous of Superman, whose arrival has rewritten the Soviet Union's power structure; turned his father's attention away from him and ended his chances of advancement. Pyotr reveals of his and extreme disgust of Superman when he speaks to him face to face. He is sickened to have shot a dissident couple before their own son’s eyes for printing anti-Superman propaganda [the son eventually grows up to be Batman.] Taking this as the last straw, Pyotr arranges Stalin's poisoning, which in turn causes him horrible guilt, though not enough to confess. Stalin dies from cyanide poisoning and Pyotr is not surprised when Superman is offered control of the party, which Superman initially refuses.

    Pyotr is later promoted to the Head of the KGB and is consumed by his jealousy of Superman. He forms an alliance with Lex Luthor and Batman to attempt a coup. When the plan fails, Batman reveals that that Pyotr had a role in the plot before committing suicide. Pyotr is then turned into a Superman Robot.


    Not much is known of the Earth-30 Braniac’s origins. Luthor allied himself with Braniac and formulated a plan to shrink Moscow. However the plan fails when Brainiac shrinks Stalingrad instead. Superman intervenes and retrieves both Brainiac's central processing unit and the tiny city, putting an end to the Brainiac-Luthor cooperation. Brainiac is reprogrammed into Superman's aide, who repeatedly tries to encourage Superman to take over the America by force, but to no avail. In the penultimate confrontation between Superman & Luthor at the Winter Fortress, Brainiac yanks Luthor deep into the recesses of the Fortress to be converted surgically into a Superman Robot, claiming that Lex would convince Superman to commit suicide in less than fourteen minutes. After finally getting Superman to take over America, Brainiac's spaceship cuts the U.S. Pacific fleet to pieces, and meets Superman at the White House.

    When Superman wishes to end the occupation, Brainiac shows his true colors by attacking Superman with green radiation (similar to green kryptonite). Brainiac is defeated after being shut-down by Luthor, who evaded surgery during the invasion, allowing Superman to destroy it. This triggers a fail-deadly self-destruct in Brainiac's ship threaten. Superman rockets it into outer space, where it explodes. Superman is believed to have been killed in the explosion.

    Green Lantern Marine Corps

     Colonel Hal Jordan
    Colonel Hal Jordan

    One of Luthor's plans to stop Superman begins when he is given a mysterious green lantern found in an alien ship that crashed at Roswell. It took Luthor 18 years to decipher the 24-word code in order to activate the ring (the Green Lantern Oath). Luthor recruits former POW Colonel Hal Jordan after being impressed by his willpower to withstand torture in enemy camps. Other recruits included Privates Scott, Stewart, Rayner, and Gardner, the Earth-30 versions of the actual Green Lanterns Alan Scott, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner & Guy Gardner respectively. Under Jordan’s leadership, the Green Lantern Marine Corps is the first line of defense against Superman’s invasion of America. Though appearing to be a grave threat, Superman quickly disabled the Corps by swiping their rings, after he revealed that their thought-based weapons were ineffective against someone who can move at ten times the speed of thought.”


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