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Finally things start going somewhere.

Earth 2's wonders, Green Lantern, the Flash, and Dr. Fate prepare to engage the forces of Darkseid now led by Steppenwolf. Their sense of responsibility bumps heads with the World Army whom has plans of their own, and at the same time Batman has returned despite everyone knowing he died five years earlier. -summary

Collecting Earth 2 issues 13-16, 15.1 and Earth Annual #1 written by James Robinson. The world building continues as the World Army and the Wonders prepare to engage Steppenwolf, whom for whatever reason has decided to simply pop up and reveal that he has conquered an entire nation. The World Army takes him up on his challenge, despite one of their leaders being heavly concerned with Steppenwolf's boldness. Soon the sparks will fly and the casualties will mount up.

This volume features more sub plots receiving build up and additional characters such as Atom and Captain Steel receiving development. One's enjoyment is going to be determined on how they feel about these characters. Robinson focuses on others such as Hawkgirl, and the new Batman sees some face time coming with a twist.

One of Earth 2's biggest criticisms is that the story and plot moves quite slow or way too slow, plus it does not feature any major star power. I'm not going to lie to you folks. There is still some slow development for probably about half the book, and it didn't bother me because I gave this world and characters a chance; but there is some pay off long before the ending comes around through some seriously violent action and brutal encounters that are worth the wait, and it really isn't gore for the sake of it either. This world is indeed an ugly place and the war is clearly reflecting that along with the savage personalities of these villains. There is an attempt for some star power with Batman, but he doesn't make that huge of an impact until next volume.

Earth 2 still boasts some of the New 52's best artwork; the carnage is well displayed and delivered in bundles. The flashy inks brings out the best in these well drawn designs. There is a real sense of urgency across these glossy pages, and there's indeed an epic feel. I tell you, everything looks great and it's clear DC wanted this title to succeed.

Earth 2 volume 3 is an excellent follow up that not only continued the world building, it also delivers a cliffhanger ending that although predictable keeps things moving in a very promising direction. I recommend to give this one a shot; but if this book doesn't do it for you especially if the first two came off disappointing, then my advice is to stop here because nothing in this world is going to please you.

Pros: Very nice artwork and narrative continues to grow

Cons: First half is quite slow, cliffhanger may bother some

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