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I keep telling myself that I am not a series regular on this title and then I keep reading it every month, so maybe now it is time to finally admit to myself that I am reading this series.  What does it for me is that the covers keep drawing me in, and as a Wonder Woman fan, this cover did that more than most.  The underlying concept here is pretty well executed.  Earth-2 is basically a story about the Justice Society, even if it is not referred to explicitly as such.  One of the common themes of the Justice Society was the battle against the likes of the National Socialists in the Second World War.  As the team moved on past this time frame, other dictator types rose in the absence of the real world ones.  Here through that is re-imagined quite well as the character cast as dictator is actually Steppenwolf of Apokolips.  His Female Fury is recast as Fury, the golden/silver age daughter of Wonder Woman (with a good synthesis of both Lashina and Wonder Woman, with her whip).  Being recast in the role of villain can be a cliche, but here it is handled adeptly, as the issue focuses solely on this action.  As an introduction to the character this works well, and though presumably she will eventually turn to the side of good, the creative team have done an excellent job of establishing her as a malevolent force.  Her redemption will thus be hard earned, and it is therefore nice to see such character development being established already.   

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