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Earth 2 #8 0

SummaryThis month’s issue is another one-shot which introduces the “Last Amazon” of the Earth 2 universe. Moreover, this issue provides insight into the disappearance of Steppenwolf and gives more depth into how other nations dealt with the war against Apokolips. This issue is certainly setting the stage for things to come.What I liked· Classic Robinson pacing and dialogue: James Robinson knows how to direct a scene, pace a story and write realistic dialogue, the latter being something even the ...

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Wonder Woman has a DAUGHTER 2

Here is my video review for Earth 2 issue 8. Tell me what you guys think about my video review in the comments below:...

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Furious Frenzy 0

Earth 2 is a series that lends itself well to side story issues like this. James Robinson has an entire Earth to build, and sometimes you need to take entire issues to develop certain parts. I absolutely loved the way this is shaping up at the start, and I'm excited to see more issues like this.There are some nice easter eggs for longer DC fans, right off the bat we have Markovia once again being a troublesome sovereign nation. Seriously, it attracts chaos like a magnet; and I could be wrong, bu...

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Seem less the tyrant 2

I keep telling myself that I am not a series regular on this title and then I keep reading it every month, so maybe now it is time to finally admit to myself that I am reading this series.  What does it for me is that the covers keep drawing me in, and as a Wonder Woman fan, this cover did that more than most.  The underlying concept here is pretty well executed.  Earth-2 is basically a story about the Justice Society, even if it is not referred to explicitly as such.  One of the common themes o...

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Earth 2 #8 0

THE GOOD: Yildiray Cinar's art is fantastic. It's not quite what Nicola Scott did with the book, but it's good in it's own way. There is a lot of action in this book, and it all looks very well done. The expressions reveal the hidden intentions and really makes the characters feel real. The character designs also looks stunning on the characters and makes it go with this different universe. James Robinson does a great job at introducing Steppenwolf a little more clearly. We also get to see other...

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Video Review: Earth 2 #8 0

Jumping into a new series with Earth 2. Saw some great reviews of this issue and decided to read it myself. Fury is an absolute badass and I really enjoyed this issue....

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Who's the Father? 0

You know what, screw it, I have fallen to far behind in my review schedule to go back and do all the crap I have waiting in my review pile. At this rate, I may never catch up to everyone else, so everything else in the pile, screw it, I'll just for now be sticking to the stuff from the past two weeks and then I'll call it caught up. (Well, everything accept the New Guardians annual. Believe me, its day is coming, but I'm saving that sucker for a special occasion.)So... Earth 2. A lot has happene...

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Earth 2 #8 Review 0

Cover & Solicit - 5/5Would I pick-up or buy the comic based on the solicit or cover alone?Are the alternate covers appealing?Does the solicit and cover portray what happens in the issue?Do I like the artist's style on the cover?Art, Colors & Inking - 4/5- Weighted DoubleDo I personally like this artist's style?Does the artist stay true to the characters appearance?If there are multiple artists do they blend well and not disturb the reading experience?Does the coloring/inking blend well w...

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